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15 Signs You May Need to Remove a Tree

Planting trees on your property has several benefits, including economic advantages. Studies show that properties with trees are worth 5% – 20% more than those without. However, there are some circumstances where you will need to cut down or remove a tree for safety. As a leading tree removal company, we’ve put together a list of reasons why removing a tree may be the right choice. Read on to learn more so you can make an informed decision about tree removal.

Signs That Indicate You Need to Remove a Tree

  • Signs of Decay or Disease
    A diseased tree is more susceptible to infection and pests. It can also cause property damage because of the unstable structure and harm the landscape. If you are looking to sell, a decaying tree can reduce the overall curb appeal.
  • Risk of Infestation
    Vegetation that is infected by insects, pests, or disease and can’t be treated may eventually die. In these situations, removal is the best option as the infestation can spread to other plants and trees on your property.
  • Interior Decay
    Structural problems in a tree often lead to many issues, including the spread of disease or infection, falling tree limbs, and more. Although a qualified arborist can help prevent further decay, tree removal is the only option available in severe cases.
  • The Tree is Dead
    A tree no longer offers benefits such as shade, water retention, or aesthetic appeal when it is dead. Since it also loses structural integrity, it becomes a danger and the chances of a branch falling on a person or a nearby building increase.
  • Storm Damage
    High winds can cause considerable damage to trees. They may also result in a complete blow-over, stem failure, root failure, crown twist, and more, becoming a risk to your property.
  • Risk of Damage to a Building
    Large branches and extensive root systems may damage the structures on your property, leading to expensive repairs. You may consider a tree risk assessment to determine if tree removal is the best option available.
  • The Tree Looks Like It May Fall
    Leaning trees and overgrown branches carry an inherent risk of falling and causing personal injury or property damage. If pruning it does not help eliminate the risk of falling limbs, you should consult a professional for tree removal.
  • Shedding
    Trees are often a source of unwanted branches, leaves, seeds, sap, and needles. The accumulation of debris can be a particular problem around areas such as solar panels and carports.
  • Tree Casts Unwanted Shade or Blocks a View
    Although large trees are a great way to enhance the curb appeal, they can block views. They may also cast too much shade, leading to a dark home during the winter months and preventing your lawn from thriving in the summer.
  • It Is in The Way of New Projects
    It may not always be possible for you to include existing trees in a new landscaping project. In these situations, removing the tree or placing it elsewhere can be the best course of action.
  • Bad Tree Crotch
    Tree crotch refers to a pocket between two branches. If this area decays, it can no longer support the limbs, increasing the chances of breaking or snapping branches.
  • The Tree Has Become Too Big
    Trees in restricted areas will grow and press against windows, walls, and foundations. Often, cutting them is not enough to solve the problem as the root system will keep expanding. This is why tree removal with professional help may be the ideal way to deal with the situation.
  • Crowding
    Trees will start competing for nutrients and water when they are overcrowded, which is why the smaller ones may show signs of nutrient deficiencies. In addition to this, overcrowding also obstructs air circulation, resulting in fungal diseases.
  • Risk of Lightning
    When lightning strikes a tree, it may heat the sap in its bark and turn it into steam. It may also blow the outer bark, which can be dangerous, especially if it is close to your house.
  • Cracks in the Trunk
    Cracked trunks can often split the tree into two halves, increasing the risk of failure. This may cause property damage during storms and high winds.

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Importance of Tree Removal After Ice Damage or Storms

  • Cleanup
    Storms can damage trees, leading to broken branches and limbs in the yard. Making sure this is cleaned up safely is essential. It is best to contact a professional tree removal company such as DreamWorks Tree Services to assess the condition of the trees and recommend the best way to deal with them.
  • Prevent Property Damage
    High winds and storms can leave broken branches and debris hanging over the structures on your property. Hiring professional tree care experts to prune or remove the damaged trees can help prevent damage to the house, fences, power lines, sewers, and more.
  • Health and Safety
    A storm-damaged tree is more prone to rot and diseases, which becomes a haven for fungi and pests. They can then spread to other healthy trees nearby, making the situation worse. This is why it is best to deal with them by consulting an experienced tree service company for tree care or removal.

Advantages of Tree Removal in Winter

  • The structure of the tree is easily visible, making evaluation easier.
  • It helps to prevent winter damage to the trees.
  • It has less chance of pest infestation and diseases.
  • You have the opportunity to ensure your trees are ready for spring.
  • It can help enhance the appearance of the tree in the spring.

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