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A Complete Guide to Tree Removal

If you have a diseased, dead, or troublesome tree on your property, it is wise to remove it before it causes severe damage. When it comes to safe tree removal, most homeowners know very little. Many factors come into play, and there are several methods of getting rid of a tree, each requiring special equipment and techniques. Read on to learn about the process of removing a tree so you can make an informed decision.

Table of Contents

Reasons to Opt for Tree Removal
Is Tree Removal Necessary?
Understanding the Complete Process of Tree Removal
The Cost of Tree Removal
Factors Affecting the Overall Tree Removal Expense
Average Cost of Tree Removal
Cost of Additional Tree Services
Choosing Between DIY & Hiring Professional Tree Removal Service
Dreamworks Trees Can Help You with Tree Removal

Reasons to Opt for Tree Removal

Reasons for having to get rid of a tree from your property may include any of the following:

  • A structurally unstable tree that is a threat to the people and property
  • Dying, declining, or dead trees that pose a risk to the surrounding plants and shrubs
  • Trees that are aesthetically challenged
  • Trees you may have to remove for specific landscaping needs
  • Reduce overcrowding and ensure proper growth of the trees

Is Tree Removal Necessary?

If you are not sure whether to remove a tree from your property, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the tree damaged, diseased, or dead?
    Such trees can be dangerous to you, your home, and other shrubs and plants around them, which is why it is best to have them removed.
  • Is it too close to your home or other structures?
    Trees should be at a safe distance from your home and other structures on your property, so there is no damage if a storm occurs.
  • Is the area overcrowded?
    If your property is too crowded with trees planted haphazardly, it is wise to opt for tree removal, so you can ensure the remaining trees can grow better.
  • Is the tree leaning dangerously?
    In such situations, be sure to have a qualified arborist assess the position and condition of the tree to ensure it doesn’t pose any threat of falling.

Understanding the Complete Process of Tree Removal

When it comes to getting rid of a tree, depending on the tree removal company, it often includes the following tasks:

  • Cutting and hauling away the branches
  • Cutting down the trunk into smaller sections
  • Reducing the tree to a stump

The tree removal service may include the following at an additional cost:

  • Stump grinding
  • Branch chipping
  • Splitting the trunks
  • Trunk hauling

It is best to discuss your needs and the cost with the experts before hiring them to be sure of what you are getting.

The Cost of Tree Removal

Factors Affecting the Overall Tree Removal Price

  • Tree Height
    It is quite common for tree removal companies to charge their fees depending on the tree’s height. Generally, small trees are around 30 feet tall or less, trees between 30’ and 60’ are considered medium, and large trees are the ones that stand around 60’ – 80’ tall. Trees over 80’ feet are the tallest ones.
  • Condition
    The cost of removing a tree also depends on its condition. Its age, the way it leans, multiple trunk growths, and decay may increase the overall expense.
  • Dead Trees
    Dead trees are often unpredictable when it comes to assessing the prices of removing them. While small ones are easier to work on, large dead trees may prove to be slightly more difficult. Thus, it will come down to how comfortable and well-equipped the tree removal company is when dealing with dead trees.
  • Diameter
    The diameter of the tree directly impacts the price you pay. The removal of thicker trees may cost you more. Also, keep in mind that harder wood, such as oak, may increase the overall expense.
  • Location
    The position of the tree can affect the price of tree removal by 20% – 50%. Easily accessible ones will cost less to remove than those that are close to homes, powerlines, and other structures.

Average Cost of Tree Removal

Although the average price is around $860, you may expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $2000 when hiring specialists to have a tree removed. Here’s a general breakdown of the costs to help give you a better idea. Keep in mind that these are average prices, and your cost may differ from what is shown here:

  • Small Tree Removal – Between $165 to $578
  • Medium Tree Removal – Approximately $231 – $1000 or more
  • Large Tree Removal – Around $529 to $1300
  • Very Large Tree Removal – About $1200 to $1800
  • Pine Tree Removal – If the tree is not taller than 40 feet, it may cost you approximately $264 to remove it. However, it may go up to $1900 if the pine tree is 80’ tall.
  • Oak Tree Removal – The average price of removing oak trees that are 60 feet tall is between $264 to $1300.
  • Fallen Tree Removal – Depending on the condition and species of the tree, it may cost you around $99 to $198 to remove it.

Cost of Additional Tree Services

  • Stump Removal – Depending on the size of the stump, it may cost you anywhere between $60 and $190.
  • Trimming or Cutting – The average price ranges from $ 330 to $660 based on your needs and condition of the tree. The total price is typically around $95 to $1300.
  • Pruning – The price range for tree pruning is almost the same as tree trimming services, but it may be on the higher side.
  • Limb Chipping or Removal – Chipping typically costs between $85 to $198, while hauling the limbs may add $66 on average.
  • Log Splitting – This often costs approximately $99.

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Choosing Between DIY & Hiring Professional Tree Removal Service

Generally, tree removal can be dangerous, which is why it is best left to the professionals. However, if you plan on undertaking a DIY tree removal project, consider the following aspects:

  • How tall is the tree?
    If the tree you want to have removed is taller than your garage or home and not easily accessible, hiring a tree removal company is the right choice.
  • Are there obstacles or hazards nearby?
    If the tree is close to the power lines or neighbour’s house, it may be wise to let the tree care experts and qualified arborists take over the task of removing it.
  • Are you equipped for tree removal?
    Before you decide to remove a tree, be sure to check if you have the required tools and equipment, such as a wedge, chainsaw, and more. Also, you need to have the skills and expertise to use them and the means to haul the branches and sections of the trunk after cutting the tree.

Since tree removal requires specialized equipment and expertise, it is often more beneficial to hire professionals for the job.

Dreamworks Trees Can Help You with Tree Removal

A Complete Guide to Tree Removal
At DreamWorks Tree Services, we have over 11 years of serving Toronto and the GTA. We care about your tree care needs and offer complete residential and commercial services, including tree removal, stump grinding, lot clearing, tree pruning and more.

For more details about our tree removal company, give us a call at 647-924-2627. We also offer  free property assessments.

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