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7 Common Misconceptions About Hedge & Tree Trimming

When done correctly, tree trimming and pruning help maintain the health and appearance of your trees. Although it is a straightforward process, it involves more than using tools and equipment such as chainsaws, hatchets, and more.

There are many reasons why a tree may require trimming and pruning, including:

  • Promoting overall growth
  • Ridding the tree of diseased or decaying branches
  • Encouraging new growth and improve air circulation
  • Cutting lower branches that act as obstructions
  • To maintain appearance

However, there are a few myths about trimming hedges and trees that many people believe. We’ve put together a list of widespread misconceptions so that you can understand the truth and make the best choice.

Common Myths About Tree & Hedge Trimming

Trees Will Grow Fine Without Pruning

This is a common myth associated with tree pruning. Trees and hedges need pruning. Otherwise, their health could be affected. Pruning also boosts their growth and makes the trees branch out properly in different directions, enhancing their overall appearance. By removing overgrown branches and water sprouts from your trees, you can help them stay healthy and look great.

You Shouldn’t Trim Hedges and Trees in the Summer Months

Although it is recommended that you prune trees while they are dormant, you can still prune them in the summer. This is because trimming your hedges, trees, and plants in summer will not cause them harm. Using the right tree trimming techniques can help you remove dead leaves and dying branches, improving the plant’s overall health and appearance. Summer pruning also ensures that the nutrients and water are going to the healthy portions of the tree, helping it grow.

Trees Can Die If You Prune Them at the Wrong Time

This is another widespread myth when it comes to tree trimming. Although pruning trees at the wrong time may cause them injury, instances where they get irreparably damaged are quite rare. However, make sure you know the best time to prune a specific tree and the correct tools and techniques.

The Same Trimming Techniques Work for Shade Trees & Fruit Trees

Through our experience offering tree and hedge trimming services, we know that shade trees should be pruned lightly and much less than fruit trees. Trim your fruit trees every year to encourage the wood’s growth so that they can produce future crops of fruit. However, since production is not the purpose of shade trees, you do not have to prune them as often.

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Over-Pruning Trees is Common

It is possible to over-prune a tree if you are inexperienced. However, qualified arborists and tree care experts have the skills and resources to prune trees correctly. It is important to work with professionals if you are unsure to avoid damaging your plants.

Tree Topping is an Efficient Trimming Method

Contrary to popular belief, tree topping is a harmful practice. It weakens the structure of the tree and causes wounds, making it susceptible to pests, fungus, diseases, and decay. In addition to this, topping a tree makes it more vulnerable to nutrition deficiency, sun damage, and extreme weather. It often makes the tree unattractive, and it rarely grows back in a desirable shape.

The Rule of Tree Trimming is to Cut Everything Back One-Third

Tree and hedge trimming require proper techniques and the right tools to get the best result. It is not wise to cut everything back by one-third or follow the same pruning practices for different tree types. It is best to hire professionals who provide tree and hedge trimming services. They have the extensive knowledge and experience required to ensure your tree’s proper growth and maintain its health.

We Offer Reliable and Effective Hedge & Tree Trimming Services

tree and hedge trimming service

At DreamWorks Tree Services, we have a clear understanding of tree trimming and know how a tree will react to the cuts made when pruning them. We offer efficient and affordable skilled tree and hedge trimming services to ensure your plants are healthy and in excellent condition. Our experts will assess your trees and use the most suitable pruning techniques to promote their growth. We use proper safety tools and gear and follow all necessary precautions to offer a safe and reliable service to our clients.

For more details about our tree trimming services in Aurora and the surrounding area, call us at 647-924-2627. You could also fill out our contact form to get a free property assessment. We’ll be happy to handle all of your pruning and trimming needs.

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