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7 Factors that Affect the Cost of Lot Clearing

If you plan an overhaul on your property, the first significant investment you need to make is lot clearing. It is essential to prepare your land to make room for a solid foundation to support a new construction or lawn expansion.

The cost depends on the extent of land you need to clear. Typically, the professional lot clearing services charge by the acre or square foot, while others charge by the hour. The cost differs depending on:

  • What needs to be cleared
  • How it is cleared
  • How much is cleared

Read on to determine what factors affect the cost of lot clearing and why it should be handled only by certified arborists.

7 Things that Determine the Cost of Lot Clearing Services

The size of your land to be cleared substantially impacts the total cost. However, seven other factors will determine how much you need to invest in your land clearing project.

Site Preparation

If your ground requires grading or levelling to prepare for a foundation, you need to consider the factor to determine the overall cost. Professional lot clearing services begin with removing trees, overgrowth, and other debris from the landscape. Then, if required, they adjust the soil to level the ground. Whether you just need to remove debris, or prepare your ground for construction, ensure you communicate the details with the lot clearing service you hire.

Land Condition

The type of land you own also decides the final bill. If the professionals need to maneuver their equipment over hilly or uneven terrain, you may have to pay a higher cost. And if your land is flat and does not require much effort to clear the debris, you may have to pay only for the lot clearing. But the hillier your land, the larger bill you will have to pay.


Obtaining a permit before clearing your property is essential. You need to apply and pay for it depending on the local regulations of your city. It will help in accomplishing the task without violating the laws. Failing to acquire the necessary permit may result in high costs.

Land Survey

A land survey helps you analyze the typography of your property to ensure smooth clearing. It is wise to hire a skilled surveyor who will help you determine the perimeter of your property and mark the area to be cleared. In addition, they can help you specify the contour of the terrain and provide accurate foundation depths and limitations of your land. This ensures the lot clearing service you hire does not have to waste time clearing areas that should not be touched. Mapped boundaries make it easier for them to prevent any accidental clearing and legal discrepancies in the future.


If you face the problem of erosion on your land, you may have to pay an additional cost to resolve the issue. The professional lot clearing service will likely recommend implementing erosion control solutions depending on erosion problems. Any construction done on eroding land is not safe.

An expert may suggest hydroseeding, a popular option for erosion control. Hydroseeding is a planting process involving spraying a slurry of water, fertilizer, grass seeds, and mulch over land. It is an effective technique that controls erosion while growing grass on construction sites.

Tree Removal

Some properties require a small-scale land clearing that may involve removing one or two trees. If that is what you are seeking, the total cost will depend on the size and height of the tree.

However, not all arborists classify a tree size in the same manner. Some might categorize a tree as under 30 feet tall, while others might tag it under 25 feet tall. So the cost will depend on the category.

Stump Removal

If your land requires only stump removal, the cost will vary accordingly. It depends on whether you need to remove one or two stumps or an entire acre of stumps. The task involves pulling the stump and its root system to prevent the roots from coming in the way of construction.

We Offer the Best Lot Clearing Services

7 Factors that Affect the Cost of Lot ClearingHiring a professional service to clear your land ensures that the job is accomplished cost-effectively and efficiently. DreamWorks Trees can be your single-source provider for lot clearing and other related services, including:

  • Site survey
  • Complete stump removal
  • Wood chipping and disposal
  • Tree conservation
  • Safe tree removal
  • Brush clearing and removal
  • Land regrading

Our expert crew is trained to complete the task even in highly challenging conditions. We ensure unwanted vegetation is removed hassle-free using proper precautions and procedures.

Whether you are looking for experienced lot clearing services or certified arborists in Toronto, we provide comprehensive property maintenance services. For more information, call us at 647-924-2627 or fill out our contact form to get a free property assessment.

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