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A Complete Guide to Lot Clearing

Land clearing is the first step in a construction project, which is why it helps to know what you can expect from land or lot clearing services. Before construction can begin, the experts will prepare the land by clearing and grading it thoroughly. We’ve put together a guide about the clearing and grading process, so you know what it entails. Read on to learn everything you need to know before hiring a company for lot clearing services.

What Does the Lot Clearing Services Entail?

Land clearing is an extensive process that involves surveying the land, comparing it with the blueprints for the construction, and figuring out how to make it fit for construction purposes. It is an essential aspect required to make sure that the land is ready for construction. It helps to know that this process may be slowed down by the need for construction or building permits. Lot clearing typically comprises the following steps:

  • Land Clearing

    Lot clearing begins with qualified arborists assessing your land. They will have large rocks, vegetation, and other obstacles removed and ensure the roots of a tree do not become an issue over the years.

  • Grading

    Then comes grading the property, which depends on the type of your land. Drainage control, preventing erosion, and more are necessary to ensure the land will hold up over the years. Also, installing wells, septic systems, and other similar activities may be part of this process.

  • Other Tasks

    They include demolishing existing structures, building an access road, connecting the site to utilities such as gas, water, and electricity, digging a foundation, and more.

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Benefits of Land Clearing Services

There are several advantages of land clearing, including the following:

  • Environmental Stability

    Lot clearing services help provide a better environment and more stability for the species in the area. Clearing out dead, diseased, or overgrown vegetation ensures healthy plants have better access to water, sunlight, and other essential nutrients to grow and thrive. Also, land clearing can help make the soil more fertile by cultivating healthy levels of essential nutrients. This is why farmers often use different methods to clear their property.

  • Promotes Safer Properties

    Piles of leaves, dry twigs, and dead plants are potential fire hazards. Also, limbs from dying or diseased trees can fall and damage nearby property or harm passersby, especially during storms. Dead trees often harbour airborne viruses such as mould that can infect nearby plants and trees. Lot clearing services can help eliminate the chances of such potential threats, enhancing the safety of the property.

  • Pest Control

    Land clearing, along with regular property maintenance, helps to reduce the chances of pest infestation. It allows you to improve the condition of the land and get rid of pools of water, rotting trees, diseased plants, and more. It also decreases the chances of snakes, squirrels, rats, and other wildlife being attracted to your property.

  • Better Looking Properties

    Empty lots often accumulate trash and have neglected vegetation that looks unappealing. When a lot becomes neglected, bushes, weeds, and other plants tend to overtake it quickly. In addition to making a piece of land safer for construction, land clearing improves the aesthetics of properties. Also, if you own a vacant lot that you want to sell, hiring professionals for lot clearing services can help enhance your property’s aesthetics and value.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Lot Clearing

If you are planning on hiring arborists and other professionals for lot clearing services, it helps to know what influences the cost so you can make an informed decision.

  • Land Condition

    The type and state of the land is a crucial factor when it comes to determining the cost of lot clearing. Upslope grounds and challenging terrains are more expensive to clear when compared to flat, easily accessible locations. This is because the difficult areas require more labour and sophisticated machinery, which tends to increase the overall cost.

  • Local Regulations

    The codes, rules, and laws of your area affect the cost of lot clearing services. Some regions require the property owners to get permits before tree removal or adopt environmental protection measures, such as establishing grass cover. These requirements tend to have a cost implication on the lot clearing project.

  • Debris

    The process of clearing the land generates scrap in the form of felled trees, shrubs, and plants. The methods you choose to get rid of the waste tend to affect your lot-clearing project’s overall cost. You can have it removed by using trucks or burn the debris at the site, depending on your needs and local restrictions.

  • Grading Requirements

    The cost of site levelling and grading depends on the type of equipment used, the time required for the job, and accessibility to the property. Be sure to consider these aspects when estimating the cost of lot clearing services and hiring arborists.

  • Weather Conditions

    If bad weather strikes during the ongoing process of lot clearing, then you may require additional time to complete the work. In some cases, you may also need more labour and machinery. This often increases the overall cost of a land clearing project.

  • Haulage, Disposal, and Clean Up

    Disposing of the waste and land clean up are a few factors that contractors consider when pricing you for land clearing. It typically depends on the waste generated and tools, labour, and time required to remove it off your property.

Let Us Help You with Lot Clearing Services in Ontario

A Complete Guide to Lot Clearing

At DreamWorks Tree Services, we have experts and qualified arborists to help our customers with land clearing. We have the resources and expertise to provide lot clearing services for projects of all sizes. Whether you need us to work on a suburb development, road expansion project, real estate development, or more, we can help you quickly clear the land and make it fit for your work.

For more information about our lot clearing service in Ontario, please call us at 647-924-2627. You could also opt for a free property assessment by filling out our online contact form. We will be happy to assist you!

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