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Can You Prune Trees in Summer?

Our expert arborists in Toronto often get questions from property owners about whether or not they can prune a tree in summer. Although tree pruning is primarily recommended when the trees are dormant, there are certain exceptions.

Some trees should always be pruned in summer, while others should never be pruned in summer. In addition, certain unpredictable factors such as damage would require immediate trimming regardless of what time of the year it is.

Here is a quick guide to help you understand the subject.

When Should You Prune a Tree in Summer?

If any of these situations apply, then you may want to consider pruning:

Low Hanging Branches Are Creating a Risk

When caring for your trees, keeping human safety a priority is essential. Often, a tree branch may hang so low that it interferes with your ability to walk around the lawn and under it to trim your grass. Such a situation can turn bad, so immediate tree pruning is needed even if it is summer.

A Storm Has Affected Your Tree

Storms that occur in summer can damage trees to a great extent, which can cause them to fall on structures or people. If your tree suffers damage during a summer storm, you need to prune the affected branches as soon as it is safe to do so.

Your Tree Has Dead Branches

Dead or dying branches naturally tend to fall off the trees without warning. It is best to trim the branch as soon as you notice it and prevent it from falling on a structure or a person.

You Have Transplanted Your Tree During Summer

Transplanting a tree is a better option than removing it as long as the tree is healthy. When you transplant a tree, you should trim one-third of the top so that the tree can survive the shock of being transplanted.

A Utility Company Has Trimmed Your Tree for Clearance

Sometimes trees need to be cut from around utility lines. If a utility company is trimming your tree for clearance, they will do it without regard to aesthetics. You can prune your tree once they have finished to give it a more appealing look, even if it is summer.

Trees that Benefit from Summer Pruning

Fruit Bearing Trees

Tree pruning encourages more fruit buds and enhances high-quality fruit production, with thinning done as the blooms sprout.

Evergreen Trees

Most evergreen trees have a naturally attractive shape that doesn’t require pruning. However, pruning can become essential in some situations, such as diseased or dead branches. You can do light trimming and leave major pruning tasks for the dormant period.

Sappy Hardwoods

You can trim oak, walnut, birch trees, and other sappy hardwoods. Some property owners prefer pruning these trees in summer as they ooze sap when cutting in winter and early spring.

Advantages of Summer Tree Pruning

Eliminates Dead Branches

Summer tree pruning plays a vital role in removing damaged, diseased, or dead branches. Any branch that can cause potential damage or stress to your tree should be eliminated. This promotes increased growth and reduces the chances of weak branches falling on your building during a storm.

Encourages Growth

Tree pruning during summer may encourage growth and promote better flowering. Weak branches or trees should be trimmed about three inches from the end of a young leafy shoot. You can repeat the process in late summer if you see rapid growth in the lateral shoots.

Helps Fruit-Bearing Trees Grow Strong

Fruit-bearing trees can significantly benefit from tree pruning in summer. Some of these benefits include:

  • Allowing natural light to penetrate the deeper areas and supporting young tree development.
  • Encouraging mature trees to produce better quality and big size fruits.
  • Supporting the overall development of branches that support healthy fruits.
  • Minimizing the development of weak stems in trees such as peach and promotes the growth of strong branches.

Each fruit tree’s requirement is unique, so it is best to consult an expert for perfect tree pruning.

Supports Pest Control

Pest control is another significant benefit of tree pruning in summer. You should cut the branches affected by mites, aphids, or other pests to protect your tree’s overall health and longevity. This also helps in producing delicious and healthy fruits free of pests. Remember to discard the affected branches and fruits and avoid composting them to prevent infestation.

We Offer Reliable Tree Pruning Services

Tree Pruning Services in SummerThere is no one-size-fits-all technique to prune a tree, as they will each require different trimming techniques. The certified arborists at DreamWorks Trees have a deep understanding of tree dynamics and biology. We identify the problem and apply the appropriate pruning technique without interrupting your tree’s natural growth.

As a professional tree service company, we specialize in residential and commercial tree pruning, trimming, and cutting to ensure your landscape remains aesthetically appealing and healthy.

If you are looking for a professional arborist or tree service in Toronto, reach out to us by calling 647-924-2627. You can also fill out our contact form to get a free property assessment.

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