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Benefits Of Using Tree Services In Newmarket To Treat Damaged Trees

Benefits Of Using Tree Services In Newmarket To Treat Damaged Trees

As the winter weather slowly breaks and temperatures in and around Newmarket start to rise, many homeowners are eager to spend time outdoors inspecting and cleaning up their property. This includes a closer examination of the tree damage caused by the ice storms and the high winds over the winter, in order to determine whether any tree pruning and/or removal services will be required.

The ice storms and high winds did not discriminate in terms of which trees were subject to damage. Regardless of age, height, shape, or variety, all trees were susceptible to the forces of nature that descended upon Newmarket this past winter – and all types suffered damage that will likely require some decision-making as to whether tree pruning or other types of tree services would be most appropriate moving forward.

One of the first and most fundamental decisions pertains to whether the tree can/should be saved/repaired or removed and replaced. Factors that will influence this choice are:

  • Does a significant portion of the tree remain intact?
  • Will the tree retain its attractiveness after pruning?
  • Will the ultimate decision have any ill-effect on property value?
  • Where did the damage occur (i.e.: limbs, trunk, roots)?
  • Which tree service option is more/less expensive?
  • What is the age of the tree?
  • Is the tree susceptible to similar issues in the future?
  • Does the tree pose a threat to property or personal safety?

To assist in determining if the damaged tree requires pruning or removal, you might want to take advantage of the experience/expertise of a professional tree service such as DreamWorks Trees.

The Benefits Of Using A Professional Tree Service To Treat Ice-Damaged Trees

Once it has been determined that tree pruning or alternate tree services (repair or removal) would be the best course of action, the next important decision will be that of who will do the actual work – is this a possible do-it-yourself type of project or should it be entrusted to the professionals?

If the work simply entails pruning of smaller branches that are easily accessible, then it could be done as a do-it-yourself project – provided that the tree pruning is performed according to established/recommended practices that preserve the health of the tree.

On the contrary, more extensive tree pruning or repair/removal/replacement services may be best left to the expertise of tree service professionals in the Newmarket area. These professionals are skilled in a number of different and/or difficult aspects of tree maintenance, and can therefore ensure that any appropriate actions are completed thoroughly and with the utmost care.

Some of the benefits to using a tree service to treat trees damaged by the ice storms last winter include:

  • Proper removal of broken limbs to prevent further damage
  • Appropriate tree pruning to expedite the healing process
  • Corrective tree pruning that promotes new growth
  • Determining when uprooted trees should be straightened or removed
  • Applying correct safety practices when:
    • Using power tools while on a ladder
    • Felling large trees
    • Working near power lines, etc.
  • Assessing the value of saving versus removing a damaged tree
  • Recommending suitable actions based on age/overall health of the tree

Tree pruning and seasonal tree maintenance are just part of the services provided by the experts at DreamWorks Trees. For all of your tree service needs, call DreamWorks today at 647-924-2627 or 1-800-407-9917 or contact us to see how we can help you.

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