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Tree Trimming And Tree Pruning Should Be Done On A Seasonal Basis

Tree Trimming And Tree Pruning Should Be Done On A Seasonal Basis

For many home gardeners, tree trimming and tree pruning may be considered as an event that “needs to be done” on an annual or perhaps semi-annual basis. An entire day or weekend may be devoted to tree trimming and tree pruning activities as a means of “getting a major gardening job out of the way” all at one time.

While this may be convenient timing for the homeowner, and an outdoor activity that brings about a strong feeling of accomplishment, this may not necessarily be in the best interests of the trees themselves. Based on the type of tree, trimming and pruning at inappropriate times may cause more harm than good, despite the best of intentions.

There are several good reasons for tree trimming and pruning. These include:

  • To accelerate or promote growth
  • To slow or retard growth rates
  • Encouraging increased production of fruit
  • Re-invigorating neglected trees
  • Removal of dead or diseased wood
  • Shaping or re-shaping the tree
  • Thinning out branches to increase light penetration
  • Addressing tree health (perhaps after storm damage)

Equally important, if not more important, is when this tree trimming and tree pruning is completed, in order to ensure the best chance of achieving the desired outcome. As a general guideline, consider the following times for such activities:

  • January-March: Deciduous, fruit-bearing, and weak/young trees (promotes growth)
  • April-May: Deciduous trees that flower before the end of May (once blooming ends), as well as needle-leaf and broad-leaf coniferous trees (i.e.: evergreens)
  • June-August: Neglected/overgrown fruit trees and flowering deciduous trees – this is also another appropriate time for needle-leaf and broad-leaf conifers
  • August-October: Only if/as necessary in the event of damage or to prevent damage over the coming winter (healing is slower during this time and trimming or pruning may result in an increased incidence/rate of decay)
  • Anytime: Removal of dead or diseased wood

Due to seasonal sensitivities in relation to trimming and pruning for different types of trees, it may be wise to capitalize on the knowledge and expertise of a professional tree service in Toronto, such as DreamWorks Tree Services, for best results with your tree trimming and tree pruning needs.

Consider DreamWorks Tree Services For All Your Trimming And Pruning Needs

There are many different and justifiable reasons for trimming and pruning. Due to the specific nature of such activities, combined with the seasonal considerations noted above, it may be frustrating for homeowners to manage all of their pruning needs.

The experienced professionals at DreamWorks Tree Services understand the intricate nature of tree trimming and pruning. Their knowledge and expertise extends across a vast array of trimming and pruning undertakings, from the most straightforward facet to the most difficult and delicate of challenges.

The DreamWorks experts can provide tree trimming and tree pruning insight and/or services in a number of ways, including:

  • Best times (seasons) to prune based on the type of tree
  • Best times (seasons) to prune based on a specific or desired result
  • The correct extent/amount of pruning per tree and per branch
  • Addressing tree health and recommending appropriate actions
  • Addressing tree damage and recommending appropriate actions
  • Knowledge and recognition of diseases and potential complications
  • Proper and safe removal of branches

For expert seasonal tree trimming and tree pruning service, call DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 or 1-800-407-9917 or contact us to discuss a plan that is most appropriate for your specific tree maintenance needs.

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