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Effective Emerald Ash Borer Treatment And Control

Emerald ash borer treatments are most effective when applied in the early stages. This can only happen if you recognize signs of the insect infestation and report it immediately. The disease, however, is not easy to identify and most often is at an advanced stage by the time you realize it.

The emerald ash borer is a shiny emerald green beetle approximately 1/2 inch long and 1/16 inch wide. It has a flat back and rounded abdomen. Here are some indicative signs that you may need emerald ash borer treatment.

  • D-shaped exit holes (approximately 1/8 inch in diameter) on the branches and trunk
  • Wilting and yellowing foliage on some branches or throughout the tree
  • Jagged holes produced by woodpeckers while trying to extract larvae from the tree
  • Vertically split or cracked bark above the larval feeding galleries
  • Canopy thinning and branch dieback that initially occurs in the upper third of the tree
  • A large number of shoots that arise below the dead portions of the tree, particularly at the tree base
  • Distinct serpentine shaped galleries packed with excrement under bark

Over the next couple of years (some studies say by 2017) it is estimated that Toronto will lose almost all of its 860,000 ash trees to the deadly emerald ash borer. This is particularly devastating to areas that have a lot of these trees. Early intervention and planting more trees to replace the dead ones are the only ways to maintain the right ecological balance.

DreamWorks Trees has the expertise to provide effective Emerald Ash Borer treatment and control.

  • Timely treatments that are effective and more economical than tree removal
  • Employ preventative measures to reduce the risk of spreading the disease to healthy trees on your property and the surrounding areas
  • Removal of trees that are dead or cannot be saved while disposing of them in a responsible manner
  • Replacing trees that are better suited for their location and your requirements

DreamWorks Trees offers professional removal and treatment control of emerald ash borers within Toronto and the GTA. We have trained and qualified people, the right equipment and a dedication to doing the job well.

Contact DreamWorks Trees for emerald ash borer removal and treatment services. Call 647-924-2627 or contact Us online.

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