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Permit Applications

Many GTA Municipalities Require a Permit for Tree Removal or Cutting Services

Many homeowners are undoubtedly aware that a building permit must be obtained for renovations that encompass structural changes to their home.  This would include such projects as adding another room or story, moving/removing interior walls, creating new openings for windows and doors, and the installation of a fireplace.

But do these same homeowners know that there may be circumstances when their local municipality requires a permit for the removal of a tree or trees from their properties?  Yes, there are specific/defined instances when homeowners must submit applications for, in essence, a tree permit from their town/city hall.

Within the last several years, the City of Toronto and many municipalities throughout the GTA have enacted by-laws that specify the conditions for which a permit will be needed for tree removal, tree cutting, or other form of injury to a tree, including trees standing on private property. The driving factors behind this initiative have been expressed as:

  • Providing support for a greener community
  • Protecting/promoting a healthier environment
  • Preserving the tree canopy in the municipality

The specific circumstances for which a tree permit is required are usually based on tree diameter and tree height above the grade/ground.  While these actual specifications may vary slightly between municipalities, their respective by-laws can also contain explicit information with respect to:

  • Number of trees that can be removed, cut, injured within a calendar year
  • Number of replacement trees that must be planted for each tree removed
  • Costs for the first tree plus any subsequent trees (to the yearly maximum)
  • Detailed procedures for the removal and disposal of any/all diseased trees
  • When an arborist’s certificate is needed for the tree permit to be approved
  • Exemptions/circumstances when a tree removal permit will not be required
  • Descriptions of fines or penalties levied for non-compliance with the by-law

Some readers may be perplexed by references to ‘injuring a tree’ with respect to the need for a tree permit.  To perhaps help alleviate some of that confusion, activities that can be associated with potentially causing injury to a tree or its roots would consist of:

  • Excessive/indiscriminate pruning
  • Major excavations or construction
  • The operation of heavy machinery
  • Construction of additions/extensions
  • Excessive foot traffic within proximity

If property owners in Toronto and the GTA suspect that they may/will need tree removal or tree cutting services, they would be well-advised to consult with a qualified arborist from DreamWorks Tree Services in Toronto regarding municipal by-laws for tree permits.

DreamWorks Tree Services Arborists Can Obtain Tree Permits for Homeowners

Anyone who has ever applied for a municipal or building permit knows all too well that it can be a rather painstaking and time-consuming process.  Many applicants might submit a permit application just once or twice in their lifetime, and as a result, could be unaware of such aspects as waiting periods, amounts of detail, and professional certifications that are often required before they can receive approval for the project.

The qualified arborists at DreamWorks Tree Services have significant knowledge about, and experience with, tree permit applications for the City of Toronto and the surrounding municipalities.  To alleviate the time, paperwork, and hassle that is often associated with this process, a DreamWorks arborist would be more than willing to complete and submit any tree removal/tree cutting permit applications on behalf of a property owner, thereby ensuring that the process is completed appropriately, accurately, and on time.

Let DreamWorks Tree Services handle the process and paperwork required to obtain a tree permit in your municipality. Call DreamWorks Tree Services at 647-924-2627 or 1-800-407-9917 to take advantage of our knowledge and experience with various tree permit by-laws and processes in the Greater Toronto Area.

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