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Tree Removal Services for Winter Storm-Damaged Trees

While the need for tree care/removal services in Uxbridge and the surrounding area can arise at any time of the year, winter weather conditions throughout the region will often heighten the necessity for such actions.  Severe winds, heavy snow, and/or freezing rain can/will conspire to cause extensive damage to trees, neighbouring property, and power lines, in turn posing safety threats to homeowners and their families.

Although some homeowners might be inclined to address any winter-storm tree damage on their own, perhaps as a cost-saving measure, it is highly discouraged for a number of reasons that negate any financial prospective benefits.  The potential repercussions from addressing tree damage without proper training, equipment, or expertise would include:

  • Impaired tree growth/recovery in the spring due to undue and/or improper pruning
  • Additional property damage from incorrect branch cutting or tree felling techniques
  • Injury risk – using a chainsaw/working on a ladder without correct safety measures
  • Permanent tree damage by applying unnecessary and/or overly-aggressive actions
  • Spurring of decay or infestation – incorrect removal/neglect of dead/diseased wood
  • Liabilities – voiding damage claims by taking non-approved or not-permitted actions

Based on any and all of these noted concerns, should homeowners in the Uxbridge area experience any tree damage as a result of high winds, snow, and/or ice this winter, they would be well advised to call upon the services of a professional tree removal company, such as DreamWorks Tree Services, to rectify the situation.

Tree Removal is One of Many Possible Tree Care Services after Winter Storms

Depending on the scope of the winter storm damage, there are several actions/remedies that can be pursued by a professional tree care services provider like DreamWorks Tree Services. The most appropriate course of action would be determined through an initial assessment; this would help to verify whether the tree should be completely removed or if corrective measures would be sufficient to preserve its health.

Subsequent to this evaluation, DreamWorks Tree Services can expertly implement one or more of the following steps, on a relatively immediate or urgent basis, as required:

  • Tree Removal – including the securing of applicable permits
  • Stump Removal – using the latest stump grinding equipment
  • Cabling and Bracing – to protect the tree from further damage
  • Tree Straightening – to reset and brace partially uprooted trees
  • Pruning and Trimming (dead, damaged, or diseased limbs only)
    • To preserve tree health
    • To restore visual appeal and shape to the tree
    • To promote faster healing and growth in the spring and summer

If a tree or trees on your property suffer damage as a result of a storm over the winter, call the tree removal and tree care specialists from DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 to arrange for an assessment on the appropriate course of action.

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