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Preparing Your Backyard for Tree Planting

Getting the Backyard in Order First Will Help in Strategizing New Tree Planting

As family needs and lifestyle preferences change over time, the design and use of their backyard will likely change as well. What might have begun as merely a square patch of lawn can eventually be converted into a multi-dimensional and multi-purpose landscape that includes flower beds, shrubbery, a deck or patio, a children’s play area, and perhaps some space for entertaining family and friends.

All of the above and more are reflective of the amount of time that people like to spend in the privacy of their own backyard. Whether that time is dedicated to active or passive pursuits is irrelevant; enjoying one’s own surroundings, either alone or in the company of family and friends, can offer relief from the hustle-and-bustle of their daily routines.

But adapting their backyard to meet personal and family needs also means investing the time and effort necessary to keep it looking its best at all times, irrespective of what it contains or how it is used. And depending on the circumstances, this time and effort will encompass regular maintenance/clean-up as well as strategic landscaping, including the planting of shade trees and/or ornamental trees.

The spring is an ideal season for tree planting, as the soil and weather conditions are far more conducive to these initiatives than the heat of summer. Additionally, tree planting earlier in the growing season allows several months for the trees to become established in their new environment prior to facing the harsh winter elements in Toronto and area.

Before moving ahead with contacting and hiring a tree planting service, like DreamWorks Tree Services in Newmarket, homeowners would be well advised to get their backyard in order to, in a manner of speaking, receive new trees. These preparations would include:

  • Revitalize the lawn – clear away decaying leaves then thatch and fertilize
  • Clean the flower beds – remove leaves, dead/dying perennials, and weeds
  • Address bushes/shrubs – prune winter-kill; remove any plants that are lifeless
  • Tree pruning – remove dead/diseased wood; thin out for better sun/air penetration

The above can be done in do-it-yourself fashion by the homeowner or, in the case of tree pruning and shrub care, by DreamWorks Tree Services, a professional tree care services provider. Either way, the end result will not only be a neater/cleaner looking property, but it will also present a much clearer and unblemished backdrop for any strategic tree planting efforts; it will allow the tree services provider to better visualize what to plant and where it should be planted.

Expert Tree Planting Services for Homes in Newmarket, Toronto, and the GTA

Tree planting initiatives require a considerable amount of strategic planning and decision making; while a rudimentary description of tree planting might simply be the placement of a tree in a newly-dug hole, the process becomes much more complex in nature when investment costs, tree functionality, and short-term/long-term aesthetics are taken into consideration.

By collaborating with the tree care experts at DreamWorks Tree Services, homeowners in Newmarket, Toronto, and the GTA can create and implement a strategic tree planting plan that will incorporate such factors as:

  • Tree selection
  • Rate of growth
  • Height at maturity
  • Number and placement
  • Prevailing wind direction
  • Existing tree/stump removal

Subsequently, as a means of protecting their investment in their backyard, these same homeowners can rely on the skills and experience of DreamWorks Tree Services to help maintain their new trees on an ongoing basis with respect to all pruning/trimming and/or winter protection needs.

For further insight on the tree planting services provided by the team from DreamWorks Tree Services, please visit our Tree Planting Services page.

Looking to add new trees to your backyard this year for functional or aesthetic purposes? Call the tree care specialists at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 or contact us to request a free consultation on a tree planting strategy that best addresses the needs of your family and your property.

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