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There Are Several Good Reasons to Remove a Stump from Your Property

There Are Short-Term and Long-Term Benefits to Investing in Stump Removal

Most people would agree that mature trees in full leaf can have a majestic or regal look; in fact, many authors will refer to the stately appearance of a tree or trees when trying to describe or portray in their novels the private driveway and/or surrounding property of a prestigious mansion or country estate.

Such descriptions may depict to the reader a sense of wealth, glamour, elegance, and/or splendour; these can all perhaps be captured under the heading of dignity or stateliness.  This is in stark contrast however, to circumstances in which trees that were once thriving on a residential property may unfortunately need to be removed – these situations would include trees that:

  • Are dead, dying, or diseased
  • Have been irreparably damaged
  • Present a danger to people, pets, or property
  • Pose a threat to the structural integrity of a home
  • Are an obstruction to excavation or construction work
  • Are no longer well-situated within the overall landscape design

Whenever any tree needs to be removed, in addition to obtaining the appropriate permit based on municipal by-laws, homeowners will be faced with a subsequent yet important decision – whether to include stump removal as part of the overall process or to simply leave the stump in place to rot away over time.

Stump removal can be an onerous task, and therefore an additional cost, particularly for larger or mature trees with extensive roots; this might initially influence homeowners to simply leave the stump in the ground after the tree has been removed, but upon further reflection, its immediate removal may actually be more practical from a short-term and long-term perspective.

Here are several good reasons why stump removal would be a wise investment:

  • To improve overall aesthetic appeal
  • To facilitate maintenance of the property
  • To avoid personal injury and/or liability issues
  • To eliminate the potential for pest or insect infestation
  • To provide additional usable space/flexibility for other amenities
  • To prevent possible new sprout or tree growth around the stump

Although it certainly would be easy to just ignore a tree stump, or perhaps use it as the base for a potted plant or lawn ornament, there are clearly several inconveniences and hazardous situations that can develop by leaving it in the ground after the tree has been removed.  Therefore, while there will likely be added cost for any stump removal service, this will be far outweighed by the tangible and intangible benefits to the homeowner and their family.

Stump Grinding Offers the Safest and Most Efficient Method of Stump Removal

There are numerous methods of stump removal including digging/chopping, burning, the use of chemical treatments, and, as inferred previously, allowing the stump to eventually rot all on its own.  Such approaches can be labour-intensive, time-intensive, or both, not to mention potentially hazardous in their own way to the homeowners and their families.

Therefore, the most efficient and safe means of stump removal would be power grinding, performed by a professional tree and stump removal services provider like DreamWorks Tree Services.  The skilled technicians from DreamWorks Tree Services are fully trained in proper stump grinding techniques, in turn providing homeowners with the following:

  • Fast and efficient stump removal
  • A secure work area (for personal safety)
  • Protection against collateral property damage
  • Thorough clean-up, collection, and disposal of debris

Unattended tree stumps can unfavourably affect the appearance of a property, limit its flexibility/use, and present a significant safety issue.  Professional stump grinding by the team from DreamWorks Tree Services can alleviate these unsightly/unwanted scenarios and provide homeowners with more useable space on their property.

For fast and efficient stump removal, whether in conjunction with a tree removal or for a currently-existing stump on your property, call upon the expert stump grinding services of DreamWorks Tree Services. Call DreamWorks Tree Services at 647-924-2627 today or contact us to request a no-obligation estimate.

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