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Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage with Cabling & Bracing

Trees get affected by climate changes, and severe weather conditions such as a harsh storm can prove to be deadly. Although most old trees have a strong trunk to sustain the extreme conditions, they can face serious damage in the form of broken branches, and young trees may be more prone to damage. They can, however, be saved from harm with the use of cabling and bracing. You can save the branches as well as the trees with these techniques.

What is Cabling and Bracing?

Cabling and bracing provide structural support for the trees. With the passing of time, trees can grow weak and become unstable. This is due to uneven growth and the damage they face throughout their lives. Cabling and bracing can help trees to support their own weight by redistributing weight. It lets the trees grow without any structural stress, providing stability.

  • Cabling:
    A flexible steel cable is placed between the branches or trunks limiting their movement when faced with strong winds or other natural events. Cabling can help trunks and branches remain undamaged from wind, snow or heavy rain.
  • Bracing:
    Bracing is used to unite split trunks or hold the rubbing limbs of a tree together. A cable is threaded or bolted through the branches to secure the complete structure of the tree. This helps to reduce the unnecessary movement of limbs and reduces the stress on the branches.

Benefits of Cabling and Bracing

Less Personal Injury and Property Damage

A structural failure of a tree can cause it to fall which poses a threat to the property and utility lines. A tree can also accidentally fall on people and cause personal injury and in some cases, death. Cabling and bracing help hold the tree together while not letting any structural failure occur.

Lowers Future Costs

Cabling and bracing ensure that the tree has proper structural stability so it can grow healthy without any damage. Full grown trees provide great shade and add aesthetic appeal to your home. This can sometimes raise your house’s market value without the need to renovate.

Makes Sure That Trees Remain in Good Shape

If we consider trees as an asset, cabling and bracing help to appreciate their value, therefore increasing the value of your home. Plenty of effort goes towards growing a tree and certainly a homeowner would not like to begin again with the planting process. Not only is planting a new tree time-consuming, but it is also costly compared to installing cables and braces.

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Tree Cabling & Bracing Services

Hire Professionals for Tree Cabling & Bracing Services

Cabling and bracing are best done by specialists who have the knowledge and expertise to perform the task in the right way. At DreamWorks Trees, we provide quick and efficient cabling and bracing services to make your trees and property safe and protected. Invest in your tree’s health now and help it stand up to the time and weather.

To learn more about our services, you may get in touch with our tree experts by calling 647-924-2627. You could also contact us for a free property assessment.

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