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See the Cherry Blossoms at High Park in Toronto This Year

Only a Limited Amount of Time to Appreciate the High Park Cherry Blossoms

Sakura trees are widely found throughout the temperate zones of many countries in the Northern Hemisphere, including Japan, Canada, and the United States, and are highly recognized for their beauty and elegance. More commonly known as cherry blossom trees, they are often the earliest to bloom in the spring and are revered for their fluffy pink-and-white flowers; in fact, in the Japanese culture, sakura or cherry blossoms are a symbol of new beginnings, such as the onset of the spring season.

If there can be an unfortunate side to these elegant trees and their striking blossoms, it may be that the blooming period is extremely short, perhaps just seven to ten days near the end of April and the beginning of May; this can be further shortened if the weather at that time is rainy and/or colder than anticipated. Consequently, residents of Toronto and the surrounding area who would like to admire and appreciate this splendor in 2017 have only a very limited time remaining to descend upon High Park.

The first Sakura tree planting in Toronto’s High Park occurred in 1959, the result of a gift from the citizens of Tokyo, Japan. Additional trees were later donated to High Park, and their cherry blossoms have subsequently become a must-see attraction for residents and tourists alike; most of this Sakura tree planting activity took place in the Hillside Gardens area of this prominent park in Toronto while a few trees were added near the Duck Pond.

When viewing the High Park cherry blossoms this year, visitors are reminded to respect the stateliness and the health/vitality of these trees; although it might be quite tempting to take home a physical souvenir, people should not take living blooms or branches from the trees but rather commemorate their visit via photos or videos only.

Due to the widespread interest in the High Park cherry blossoms, coupled with their very short blooming period, it will be particularly important for people to thoroughly plan their visit before going to the park; here are a few helpful tips to include as part of that plan:

  • Take the TTC to avoid heavy traffic and limited parking inside the park
  • If travelling by personal vehicle is preferred, park outside the grounds
  • When parking on city streets, observe all parking enforcement by-laws
  • Be prepared: public washroom facilities inside the park are very limited
  • To minimize general inconvenience and frustration, visit on a weekday

The grandeur of the High Park cherry blossoms only happens once year, and for a limited period of time that is influenced to some extent by the seasonal weather conditions. But just one visit this year, even at peak bloom time and amid the largest crowds, will likely suffice to make the occasion an annual custom.

A Tree Care Checklist for the Fall Season

A Comprehensive Range of Tree Care Services from Our Qualified Arborists

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  • Nutrition (fertilization; soil maintenance)

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