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Why Tree Stumps Should Be Removed from Your Property

For Any Tree Removal to Be Complete, It Must Also Include Stump Removal

The majority of homeowners would likely concur that trees planted about their property can offer several benefits throughout the different seasons, such as shade and protection from the sun in the summer, snow and windbreaks during winter, a perennial habitat for wildlife, and enhanced curb appeal when in full leaf.

Unfortunately, there could be times when property owners will need to have a tree/trees removed, due to circumstances related to one or more of the following:

  • Disease/death
  • Insect infestation
  • Weakness or instability
  • Irreparable storm damage
  • Infringement upon a structure
  • Hindering an excavation/construction
  • Becoming too large for their current site

Should a need for tree removal arise, it will be important to keep in mind that any such process is essentially incomplete until the tree stump is removed as well. Although some people might ask: “Why do I need to remove a tree stump if it is buried underground?” it is actually a rather critical step for a variety of reasons; these would include:

  • Preventing personal injuries (from tripping and/or falling)
  • More available/flexible area for landscaping, structures, etc.
  • Eliminating health hazards for other trees (insect infestation)
  • Alleviating interference with the root systems of healthy trees
  • Removing a nuisance obstacle when cutting/trimming the lawn
  • Inhibiting potential regeneration/new growth in that same location
  • Improving both the aesthetics/curb appeal and value of the property

tree stump removalStump removal can be a particularly laborious and time-consuming process for any size tree, but especially for larger or mature trees that have extensive root systems. Based on the size of the stump/roots and the property owner’s personal motivation, tree stump removal can be performed in several different ways, each with an associated cost of time and/or money; the most common ‘how to’ methods to remove a tree stump consist of:

  • By Hand – digging around the stump with a pick and shovel to expose the roots then cutting/chopping the roots with an axe and rocking the tree stump back-and-forth to facilitate its removal from the ground (cheapest but most labour-intensive)
  • Chemical Treatment – boring holes in the top and the sides of the stump, filling the holes with water and potassium nitrate, then waiting about six weeks until the stump becomes spongy and chopping it out with an axe (a time-intensive method)
  • Natural Means – similar to tree stump removal by chemical treatment, except that holes are filled with Epsom salts and a little water (might need to repeat every few weeks); the Epsom salts eventually lead to dehydration of the tree stump, followed by stump removal using an axe (economical method but lengthy and inconvenient)
  • Machine (i.e. tree stump grinder) – the most efficient and expedient method of stump removal would be to use a power grinder; such equipment can be obtained from a rental centre, although for reasons of safety and operator experience, it may be prudent to use a professional tree care services.

When comparing/contrasting all of the above approaches, it appears that the best option for fast and efficient tree stump removal would be the machine (or tree stump grinder) method, applied by experienced specialists, like the team at DreamWorks Tree Services. While some may argue that this is the tree stump removal process with the highest cost, it is also the method that offers the greatest safety for homeowners as well as the most complete eradication of the stump.

Let DreamWorks Tree Services Worry about How to Remove Large Tree Stumps

Tree stumps can limit/restrict the use/functionality of a property, pose safety concerns, and negatively impact curb appeal. Fortunately, tree stump removal by the experts from DreamWorks Tree Services can remedy all such issues/concerns at the same time.

The specialists at DreamWorks Tree Services have considerable experience with tree stump removal and are thus capable of providing their services in a manner that creates the least disturbance/disruption to buildings, structures, and healthy trees/roots systems while ensuring the fast and complete removal of the stump or stumps.

If you are unsure about how to remove a large tree stump or stumps from your property but you know that you want the job done quickly and efficiently, call the professionals at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-793-8903 or contact us to request your free quote.

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