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What You Should Know About the Six Most Common Tree Pruning Tools

Pruning is an excellent way to promote tree growth and health and keep your landscape beautiful. However, successful tree pruning and trimming require the right tools and equipment. Learning about the tools professional arborists use will help you decide which you need and protect the health of your trees.

Six Common Tree Pruning Tools

Choosing the right tool for a tree trimming job mostly depends on the size of the branches you want to cut. Cutting smaller limbs is the perfect way of pruning because a tree can heal from a small wound more quickly than a large one.

Hand Pruner

Hand pruners, also known as pruning shears, are the right tool when cutting branches and twigs with a diameter of one inch or less. If you want to make clean and accurate cuts, it is best to use bypass pruners. They have a curved cutting blade and can help cut branches that are at an awkward angle. You can use anvil pruning shears with a straight, knife-like edge on dead twigs.


A lopper, also called lopping shears, is ideal for cutting branches around two inches in diameter. It comes with a label that specifies the branch size it will cut to help you select the right one. Like hand pruners, loppers come as bypass or anvil. Bypass cutting blades can help you make cleaner cuts without hurting the tree’s tissues, and anvil loppers are ideal for cutting dead limbs. Some loppers are also available with a gear-like feature that helps to improve cutting power. It is best to look for lopping shears with handles of different lengths to increase your reach.

Pruning Saw

Pruning saws are perfect for cutting limbs with a diameter of three to five inches. With more effort, you can also use them to prune slightly bigger branches. They come with tempered metal blades that remain sharp. Pruning saws cut on both the pull and push stroke, making the process quick, and come in many styles to suit varied needs.

Rope Saw

A rope saw is an excellent tree pruning tool for cutting limbs up to five inches in diameter. It uses a chain-type cutting blade, and with some effort, you can use it to cut through thicker branches. Most rope saws can help you prune limbs up to 25 feet high while standing on the ground.


A chainsaw can help you make the cleanest cut when pruning limbs thicker than three inches. However, if you think your tree trimming job requires using a chainsaw, it is wise to contact a qualified arborist for tree pruning. They have the expertise and skills to get it done without compromising the safety of the people on the property or the health of the tree.

Pole Pruner

A pole pruner is a perfect tool to trim limbs beyond your reach. They can prune branches up to two inches in diameter. You can choose a bypass pole pruner to make clean cuts to ensure your tree’s health. Opt for a pole pruner that comes with interchangeable cutting tools like a pruning saw and a bypass pruner for versatility when trimming large branches.

Maintaining Your Tree Pruning Tools


Sharp tools produce the best cuts and help reduce cutting fatigue. This is why you should use a sharpening device or stone to hone the cutting edges of pruning shears, pole pruners, loppers and other tools. If you have a dull pruning saw, consider having it sharpened professionally or replace the blade for the best results.


Pruning cuts are the perfect entry points for organisms causing diseases, including fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Sanitizing tools between cuts, particularly when pruning a diseased tree, helps ensure the tree’s health. You can also minimize the need for sanitizing your tree pruning tools by cutting limbs during the dormant season when the organisms are often inactive.


When it comes to disinfecting tree pruning tools between cuts, immerse the blades for about two minutes in Listerine, Lysol, or rubbing alcohol. Although Pine-Sol and bleach sanitize tools, they tend to corrode metal. When you use any of these sanitizing solutions, be sure to clean the tool with water and soap afterwards and dry it properly.

Cleaning and Care

After every use, clean the blades thoroughly. Be sure to remove sticky sap by wiping them with a cloth dipped in some solvent such as turpentine or mineral spirits. Rub the pruning tools with lubricating oil to prevent rust and lubricate the joints and other moving parts to keep them in excellent operating condition.

When You Should Hire an Expert for Tree Pruning Services

Tree trimming involves risk and can be a dangerous task if you do not know how to use the tools correctly. Hire a qualified arborist in the following situations to ensure safety:

  • Avoid climbing a ladder to reach branches that are beyond your reach. If you cannot prune a branch using an extended pole pruner, contact a tree pruning professional to get the job done.
  • Do not attempt to prune limbs near utility or power lines.
  • Do not try to cut branches that are too big and thick for your pruning tools because they require heavy-duty equipment and professional skills.

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What You Should Know About the Six Most Common Tree Pruning Tools

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