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Tree Planting: Space Management & Caring for New Trees

When planting new shrubs or trees, it is crucial to know the essentials to ensure you get it right. Although most property owners think of the plant type, soil condition, and weather, they fail to consider space management. According to tree services professionals, trees need enough space to grow and thrive. It helps to be mindful of their location and think of landscape elements such as retaining walls, utility lines, and more. If you are planning to plant trees on your property, learn how much space they need to ensure they are healthy.

Things to Consider for Your Tree Planting Project

Remember that Roots Take Up More Area

For most trees, the roots extend about 2-3 times the radius of the canopy. Some root systems may reach up to 5 times, depending on the conditions. This means if your tree has a canopy radius of 10 feet, the roots will radiate from the trunk between 20 and 30 feet and possibly up to 50 feet. Although the depth of roots depends on the type of soil, many roots lay no more than a few feet underground. Most soils have rocks or hard clay several feet below the surface that will prevent deeper rooting.

Consider the Species

In addition to the tree’s height, its type also determines how far the roots will spread. Ensure large trees, such as Weeping Willow, Cottonwood, Silver Maple, Norway Maple, Black Locust and more, are at least 100 feet away from drainpipes, buildings, sewers, and other structures.

Conifer trees such as Spruce and Pine are popular choices for lawns because they have shallow root systems. While planting trees, you should also think of your neighbour’s home. Ensure that you choose a tree that will not spread its roots into their property.

Think About the Future Costs

According to tree care experts, these tree planting mistakes may cost you more money in the long run:

  • Planting trees too close to your home or another structure
  • Choosing a tree that is too big for your property

If the roots of your trees damage personal or city property and infrastructure, the cost of repairs may be huge. It is best to think ahead and take steps to avoid situations when you may have to hire tree removal services. Additionally, planting large trees that have dangerous overhanging limbs may reduce the resale value of your property.

Determine How Much Room to Allow

Qualified arborists recommend looking at the final size listed for a tree before planting it on your property. Doing so will help you decide the best location. Here are a few spacing essentials you need to keep in mind:

  • Small trees, such as short conifers and Magnolia, need around 10 feet of space.
  • Medium-sized trees, such as fruit trees and birch trees, require an area of 20 feet between them.
  • It is best to have 30-50 feet of space between large trees, like oaks, sugar maple, flowering pear, and more.
  • Aggressive trees like poplars, willows, and more may need up to 100 feet between them.

Distance Above the Ground from Buildings and Other Trees

Many deciduous and evergreen trees typically grow 60 – 80 feet tall. If you plant them alongside your home, overhanging branches can break and cause damage. Be sure to plant trees that grow around 40 feet tall at least 15-20 feet from your house and keep larger trees further away. In addition to this, consider the trees’ width when spacing them apart to enjoy a beautiful yard and garden.

Think About Light

When planting a larger tree, consider how much sunlight it will block and where it will cast the shadow. Ignoring this may affect the growth of the plants nearby and make your property look dull.

Now that you know the rules of planting trees, learn some tree care tips for your new additions.

Caring for Your New Trees


Newly planted trees need more care to endure the stress of their new environment. Proper watering is essential to ensure their roots have enough moisture. Be sure to deeply water young trees every day during the initial two weeks. Then, water them once a week for the first year.


Mulch helps new trees maintain soil temperature, retain moisture, and discourages weeds. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when mulching your yard:

  • Choose the best mulch for your trees.
  • Apply around 2 to 5 inches of mulch around the trunk corresponding to the drip zone.
  • Use a rake to pull it 2 inches from the trunk to allow proper air circulation.
  • Avoid piling on too much mulch.


It is crucial to trim minor branch defects when planting. However, qualified professionals offering tree services recommend holding off on pruning young trees for a year. This is because trimming trees during the growing season may limit their growth potential the next year.


Depending on your region, it can help to keep your trees nourished every year by choosing the right fertilizers for them. Use the ones that can help release nutrients uniformly over time. In addition to this, make sure your tree has enough nutrients to thrive and stay healthy by observing its growth.

Professional Tree Care & Maintenance

In addition to understanding how to plant and maintain trees, it is best to hire qualified arborists who can help you create and maintain a beautiful garden. Consider the reputation, experience, and services provided before choosing a tree care company.

We Offer the Best Tree Planting Services in Toronto & the GTA

Tree Planting Services in Toronto

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