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An Arborist from a Tree Removal Company Can Assess if a Tree is Sick or Dying

The much-awaited return of spring weather brings with it an aura of revitalization for the majority of homeowners. After the long winter months of cold temperatures and fewer daylight hours, the time has come once again to resume many outdoor activities such as gardening and property maintenance; this also includes taking the opportunity to simply enjoy and appreciate the splendour of fresh air and renewed growth.

But it is not just homeowners who look forward to the return of spring; their shrubs and trees also welcome the arrival of warmer weather and more sunshine, allowing them to transition from winter dormancy to a state of growth and vitality. Yes, spring can often refresh the look, and the outlook, of people, plants, and wildlife.

Unfortunately, this growing season can also expose a darker side, one that presents in the form of a tree or trees may be sick or dying. There can be a number of contributing factors to such circumstances, with the most common reasons including:

  • Tree age
  • Overcrowding
  • Storm damage
  • Insect infestation
  • Disease or fungus
  • Improper trimming
  • Lack of soil nutrients

As a result of one or more of the above, while the trees around them are flourishing, any affected trees might be showing some signs of ill-health in their appearance or structure as follows:

  • Wood that is visibly dead or diseased
  • Wood that is soft, moist, or sponge-like
  • Patches of brittle, dead, or missing bark
  • Trunk is leaning/tilting rather than upright
  • Branches that are broken/fallen from the tree
  • Limbs that are bare/have reduced leaf production
  • Large/visible cracks in the trunk or at branch joints
  • Sprouts, mushrooms, fungus growing around tree base

On the positive side, though, all might not be lost in such situations; in other words, tree removal may not be the only option.  However, to ascertain whether any tree in distress can be saved, property owners would likely need to rely on the knowledge of a qualified arborist.

These professionals, who are employed by tree services companies such as DreamWorks Tree Services, can be called upon to examine the tree or trees in question then provide their expert advice and services with respect to:

  • Confirming that the tree is sick or dying
  • Offering a diagnosis of the specific cause
  • Assessing the likelihood of a tree’s survival
  • Recommending either treatment or removal
  • Providing treatment or performing the removal

Indeed, a qualified arborist from DreamWorks Tree Services can prove to be a valuable asset to homeowners who may be faced with one or more sick or dying trees this spring.

Professional Tree Trimming Can Be One of Many Steps to Restoring Tree Health

As noted above, although a tree may be exhibiting signs that it is in distress, a qualified arborist from DreamWorks Tree Services may determine that the tree can be saved and returned to a better state of health. There can be many different steps or actions on this road to recovery and, based on their professional knowledge and skills, the arborist will be able to provide one or more of the following services in this regard:

  • Proper tree trimming
  • Removal of deadwood
  • Enhancing soil nutrition
  • Treating of disease or infestation
  • Branch thinning – for better air flow/sunlight penetration
  • Cabling and bracing (for crack repair/fortification purposes)

Therefore, when property owners need to nurture the health of their trees and/or protect them from potential illness or damage, they would be well advised to capitalize on the tree care services provided by a qualified arborist from DreamWorks Tree Services.

Please visit our Services page for additional information on the scope of tree care and tree removal services provided by the team from DreamWorks Tree Services.

If you suspect that your trees are possibly showing signs that they may be sick or dying this spring, call the tree care professionals from DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 or contact us to arrange a tree inspection at your earliest convenience.

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