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Stump Removal Is The Final And Most Important Step When Cutting Down Trees

Stump Removal Is The Final And Most Important Step When Cutting Down Trees

Although trees can add considerable beauty and benefit to any property, such as shade, protection, and a natural refuge for wildlife, there will be occasions when tree removal is necessary. This includes times when trees are unsightly or unwanted because they:

  • Are dead or diseased
  • Have suffered irreparable damage after a storm
  • Are unstable and pose a danger to people or pets
  • Threaten the structural integrity of a foundation, sidewalk, or driveway
  • Create an obstruction to excavation or construction work
  • Have matured and are now ill-placed for their type or size

Unfortunately, while removing a tree may eliminate any number of tangible or potential problems, this course of action can in fact create a secondary issue that may also need to be addressed, and that is the matter of tree stump removal.

Stump removal can be an arduous and time-consuming process, for any size or age of tree, but particularly so for larger/older trees with mature and extensive root systems. As a result, many homeowners may simply choose to ignore the stump (pretend that it is not there) rather than undertake the effort and clean-up associated with its removal, while other, perhaps more creative, individuals may find ways to utilize or ‘dress up’ the stump as part of their overall landscape design.

In essence, for the tree removal process to be completed thoroughly and effectively, it must be carried through to the stump removal stage. There are several reasons why stump removal should be performed, including:

  • Elimination of potential health hazards (pest or bug infestation)
  • Prevention of personal injury (from tripping and falling)
  • Removing an impediment when mowing and trimming the lawn
  • Providing space/flexibility for landscaping, a patio or shed, etc.
  • Less interference with the root systems of healthy trees
  • Preventing possible regeneration/re-growth in that same location
  • Stump removal enhances overall aesthetic appeal of the property

In many respects, a tree is much like an iceberg, in that what you see above the surface is only part of the full picture, so to speak. To ensure that the underlying or non-visible portion, in this case the tree stump, does not lead to subsequent problems when a tree must be felled, it is highly recommended that the thorough and professional removal of that stump be included in the overall process.

DreamWorks Tree Services Can Help Reclaim The Look And Full Use Of Your Yard

Unsightly tree stumps can adversely impact the aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial property, limit or restrict its functionality, and generate concerns about its safety. Tree stump removal can alleviate all such concerns simultaneously.

The professionals at DreamWorks Tree Services have a great deal of experience with the complexities of stump removal and the importance of providing such services in a manner that results in the least amount of disturbance to any structures or other healthy trees/root systems in the surrounding area.

Although doing your own stump removal could be less costly than using a professional contractor such as DreamWorks Tree Services, this specific undertaking can, as noted previously, be both arduous and time-consuming. Hiring the DreamWorks team offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Depth of knowledge – root systems vary based on the type of tree
  • Expediency – through the use of appropriate tools in skilled hands
  • Safety considerations – above and below the surface of the property
  • Proper precautions – to prevent secondary damage to trees/structures

Once the professional tree stump removal is complete, you will regain or reclaim the flexibility to use your yard at your pleasure and/or discretion instead of being forced to ‘work around’ an inconvenient and rather unappealing obstacle.

For expert stump removal services, call the DreamWorks Tree Services team today at 647-924-2627 or 1-800-407-9917 or contact us to kick-start the process of reclaiming the full use of your yard or property.

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