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Tree Trimming Should Not Be Restricted To Just What You Can Reach

For the part-time or amateur gardener, the chore of tree trimming is often restricted to plant or tree growth that is accessible from the safety of ground level or, for the more adventurous type, that can be reached when standing on a two-rung aluminum step ladder. While this attention to safety is both admirable and highly recommended, it also inhibits the vital importance of trimming larger, taller, and/or more mature trees.

Tree trimming should not be performed on the basis of convenience or accessibility. On the contrary, tree trimming could, and perhaps should, be considered as a fundamental and necessary service that is performed for trees, shrubs, hedges, or rose bushes alike, regardless of their height, age, or location, in order to promote:

  • Health
  • Growth
  • Beauty

There are several aspects to tree trimming that will promote one or more of the above benefits. The more common actions and/or reasons to trim/thin out trees would include:

  • Removing branches that are dead or diseased (to stop any spread of disease)
  • Revitalizing/re-energizing unkempt or derelict sections (inner parts of the tree)
  • Improving the condition of the tree, perhaps after major storm/winter damage
  • To hasten or speed up growth (younger trees or trees with sparse foliage)
  • To perhaps slow or restrict growth rates (healthy trees in a confined area)
  • Fruit trees – increasing the size of the fruit and the quantity of the crop
  • To increase light penetration (for both the tree and the lawn below)
  • Influencing or training the tree to grow in a certain shape/direction
  • Removing unsightly and/or dead limbs for aesthetic purposes

Despite the best intentions of the homeowner/amateur gardener, when tree trimming is performed on a selective or opportune basis only, it is actually performing a disservice to those trees that cannot be easily accessed and are therefore ignored or overlooked.

In the event that homeowner safety and/or ease of accessibility are factors that may be preventing appropriate tree trimming practices, the use of a professional service, such as DreamWorks Tree Services, would be a viable and recommended consideration.

Proper Tree Trimming Service Includes Knowing How, When, And Why To Trim

Very often, homeowners may only have a limited amount of time (or patience) for tree trimming, which can be further complicated by their lack of appropriate tools, and as a result, all of their trees are trimmed at the same time and in basically the same manner.

However, rushing through this task usually leads to negative consequences for the trees, and frustration and added costs (in time, money, or effort) for the homeowner/gardener.

Tree trimming is most effective and beneficial to the health, growth, or beauty of your trees when it is performed with the appropriate amount of time and care.

The experts at DreamWorks Tree Services have the depth of knowledge as well as the experience necessary to achieve the results you need and the look you desire for your trees. This professional tree trimming service encompasses all of the following:

  • How to properly trim a tree (and with the appropriate tools)
  • When to trim (different times for different trees and/or different outcomes)
  • Why specific trimming should be done (for health, growth, and/or beauty)
  • Safety – working with power tools and/or working at heights

For an insightful and skillful tree trimming service, call DreamWorks Tree Services today at 647-924-2627 or 1-800-407-9917 or contact us to discuss how we can help promote the health, growth, and beauty of your trees.

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