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Things to Consider When Removing Trees from A Building Site

Deciding to build a custom home is exciting. Once you’ve decided where you want to build and purchased your lot, the next step is to clear the lot and begin the building process. When clearing the lot, it is advised to hire professionals as there are a few things to consider that are best left up to an expert team.

Steps to Take When Clearing A Lot

  • Perform Rough Staking on The Property

    Rough staking is an important first step when beginning to clear a lot. It involves laying out the boundaries for construction, allowing you to get a visual of the size of your project and understand which trees need to be removed to accommodate the new build. While this can be done yourself through carefully following the measurements and dimensions from the building plans and blueprints, an expert can easily map out property lines and set up rough stakes quickly and correctly. They are also aware of any rules, permits, or regulations involved with the building of new projects and clearing of lots in the community.

  • Decide Which Vegetation Is to Be Removed

    Determine which vegetation will be removed. This includes bushes, roots, stumps, plants, trees, and any other form that may pose a problem with future construction. In order to preserve nature and the aesthetic appeal of the lot, it is recommended to only remove the necessary trees required to further the construction process.

  • Clear the Land

    When looking to hire a team to clear the property, ensure they can meet the needs you are looking for. Some companies cut down the tree and leave the stump behind, and others may leave the fallen tree on the property. Make sure that the company will adequately dispose of the debris left over from clearing. Some companies may not have the right equipment to handle the full scale of the job. Most land clearing companies have things such as bulldozers, chainsaws, and a wide variety of both heavy machinery and hand tools. Clearing the land yourself can be quite dangerous due to the falling trees and equipment, and should be done with proper safety measures and precautions best handled by professionals.

Land Clearing Contractor Toronto

Preparation for Building

After all the vegetation has been cleared, the land may need to be regraded to adequately meet the needs of your project. This involves raising and lowering the land to achieve flat, level areas or to create slopes where desired. This not only helps to improve the stability of the terrain and create routes for transportation, but it also helps to create proper drainage patterns for water so it flows away from the home and doesn’t pose a future damage risk.

Call the tree care professionals at DreamWorks Tree Services today at 1-800-407-9917 or contact us online for assistance with all of your lot clearing needs. Whether you’re looking to develop property yourself for a home or cottage lot, or you need a company to clear space for your upcoming suburb, commercial, road, or recreational construction project, DreamWorks can help. For more information, view our lot clearing service page.

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