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Reasons To Obtain A Tree Permit Could Be News To Homeowners

Reasons To Obtain A Tree Permit Could Be News To Homeowners

Reasons To Obtain A Tree Permit Could Be News To Homeowners

Many homeowners are well aware that a municipal permit is required when undertaking major projects within the home and/or about the property. This includes such work as:

  • Additions or extensions to the home
  • Constructing a separate garage or barn
  • Changing the dimensions of a doorway
  • Building a deck or enclosing a existing patio
  • Finishing the basement
  • Installing an in-ground swimming pool
  • Demolishing an existing structure

But are those same homeowners aware that there may be specific circumstances when their municipality requires applications for tree permits? That’s right, a tree permit.

In recent years, many municipalities in the GTA have enacted by-laws that stipulate the conditions for which a permit would be required to remove or injure any tree, including trees standing on private land or property, in order to:

  • Protect and promote a healthier environment
  • Support a greener community
  • Preserve the tree canopy throughout the municipality (the urban forest)

The specific circumstances/conditions for a tree permit are often based on the diameter of the tree and its height above the grade or ground, and may vary slightly from one municipality to another. These by-laws may/will also have stipulations with respect to:

  • The number of trees that can be injured or removed in a calendar year
  • The number of replacement trees that must be planted per tree removed
  • When an arborist’s certificate is required for a tree permit to be approved
  • The process for removal and disposal of diseased trees
  • The minimum time for tree permit applications to be approval
  • The cost for the first tree and any subsequent trees (up to the annual limit)
  • Exemptions or instances when a tree permit is not/may not be required
  • Fines or penalties for non-compliance with the tree permit by-law

As noted previously, the term ‘injure a tree’ is often used when municipal by-laws cite the rationale for a tree permit. Some of the more common activities that can injure or cause injury to a tree or its roots include:

  • Excessive or arbitrary pruning
  • Excavation or construction work
  • Operation of heavy machinery
  • Excessive foot traffic
  • Home additions or extensions

To avoid the possibility of substantial fines and/or the suspension of a property upgrade or maintenance project in mid-stream, it would be advisable to investigate any municipal by-laws pertaining to tree permit applications well before initiating any such work.

DreamWorks Tree Services Can Assist In Obtaining Any Necessary Tree Permits

Applying for any type of permit can be a painstaking and somewhat frustrating process. Many applicants may only perform such a task once or twice in a lifetime, and this lack of familiarity with the process can lead to unwitting errors, time-consuming repetition, unnecessary costs, and/or delays in getting the actual project underway.

With specific reference to tree permit applications, the professionals at DreamWorks Tree Services have substantial knowledge and experience with this process in general and the paperwork in particular. Add to this a willingness to complete and submit the tree permit application on your behalf, and you have a winning formula for expediting the process by doing it right the first time – and saving you the time and effort needed to look after all of the application requirements on your own

Let DreamWorks Tree Services look after the paperwork required to obtain a tree permit in your particular municipality. Call DreamWorks today at 647-924-2627 or 1-800-407-9917 or contact us to capitalize on our vast experience with various tree permit application by-laws and processes.

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