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What Tree Services Does an Arborist Offer?

An arborist, also called a tree surgeon, has abundant knowledge and experience in tree care services, including planting, caring for, and maintaining trees. These specialists provide advice and solutions for planning, space management, problem-solving, and other services. They typically work with homeowners and commercial property owners.

If you are unsure how an arborist can help you, read on to learn more about the services and assistance they offer to make an informed decision when hiring them.

What are Some of the Services that Arborists Provide?

Tree Health and Hazard Assessment

These professionals have the expertise to observe plants, identify the diseased or pest-infected ones, understand the causes of ailments, and recommend suitable cures. When you hire an arborist, they will evaluate a tree’s current health, structure, and potential for failure. They can also provide seasonal care to ensure the plants survive harsh winters and summers.


A qualified arborist is aware of the correct type of pruning required to maintain or improve the health, safety, and appearance of plants. They know how to prune different species to ensure the best possible growth. They may trim trees for the following reasons:

  • Removing branches that rub each other
  • Cutting the limbs that rub with wires, chimneys, roofs, gutters, or windows
  • Cutting branches that obstruct sidewalks or streets
  • Get rid of weak or dead limbs that are a risk to the people or property nearby
  • Cutting infected or diseased portions of the trees
  • Reducing wind resistance and the chances of storm damage
  • Thinning to improve light penetration

Tree Removal

Removing a tree is the last resort that arborists adopt to save the surrounding plants. They will inspect the trees and determine if removal is the only feasible option. If you need a tree removed from your property to improve safety, these professionals can perform the job efficiently and with the utmost vigilance. An arborist typically recommends tree removal in the following cases:

  • To get rid of a dead or dying plant.
  • To remove irreparably hazardous trees from the property.
  • To cut plants that are an obstruction despite pruning them.
  • To reduce damages due to crowding.

Planting New Trees

In addition to pruning and removal, these experts can also recommend appropriate species for a specific location and climate conditions and offer guidance for tree planting. They can help you have a beautiful yard with the right trees planted at suitable locations to ensure the availability of water, nutrients, and sunlight. These specialists have the knowledge and expertise to help with preventive maintenance to ensure the trees are strong and healthy. This includes:

  • Fertilization
  • Mulching
  • Aeration to improve root growth
  • Cabling and bracing for additional support to trees
  • Control insect and disease problems


Arborists have experience in protecting trees during construction work. They can work with architects and engineers on using the best methods to reduce tree loss due to construction damage.

Choosing the Right Arborist for Tree Care Services

Qualified arborists ensure their work meets the industry-accepted standards and follow the best practices for tree care and safety. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when hiring an expert:

  • Check the experience of the arborists to ensure they have adequate knowledge of the field.
  • Ask for proof of insurance and make sure they have proper liability insurance to cover the damages.
  • Check for appropriate licenses and permits.
  • Enquire about their references and follow up with one or more to have a better idea of their work.
  • Be sure to get more than one estimate when looking for arborists. Doing so will help you find affordable and reliable services.
  • Do not hire individuals who go door-to-door and offer low prices for performing tree work as they may not be qualified to do the job.
  • Discuss the work you want done on your property with the arborist and ask them to draft a contract with the details to avoid any problems.
  • Ensure all items in the contract are discussed, including the timelines, budget, clean-up work and any accidental damage to trees, landscape, sidewalks, driveways and more.

When Should You Hire an Arborist for Tree Service?

Arborists are qualified experts specializing in trimming, pruning, tree removal, and all aspects of tree care. If you need any tree services, it is best to work with these experts to get the desired results without any problems. They will guide you at all stages and ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

5 Signs that Indicate Its Time to Call an Arborist

When a mature tree is dead, diseased or overgrown, you may need the services of an arborist to determine the best way to manage it. Always consult a professional in the following situations:

  • Tall Trees -Too high and block sunlight or touch the power lines, posing a risk to the people on the property.
  • Dangerous Trees – Branches hanging over your roof, driveways, or sidewalks.
  • Diseased Trees – Dead limbs, cracks in the trunk, or open wounds.
  • Low or Damaged Branches -May fall off during a storm.
  • Old Tree Stumps – A hazard for the people on the property.

Our Qualified Arborists Can Help with Varied Tree Care Needs

Qualified Arborists for Tree ServicesDreamWorks Tree Services is a prominent name for qualified arborists in Toronto. We have full-service tree care specialists to offer assistance for planting, pruning, tree removal, and protection. Our qualified staff will understand your needs and offer the best possible solutions to ensure your plants are healthy and beautiful. We have the resources and expertise to cater to the varied needs of residential and commercial property owners in Toronto and the GTA. In addition to this, we have adequate liability insurance to protect our team and safeguard your interests.

For more information about arborists, please call us at 647-924-2627. You can also fill out our online form to get a free property assessment quote. Our respectful professionals will visit your property and recommend the best measures within your budget.

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