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When Should You Hire A Professional Crane and Bucket Truck?

Occasionally, there may be times when tree removal becomes necessary. When the tree happens to be large, damaged, or close to your home, it can be quite challenging to remove it in some of the more traditional methods. In circumstances like this, it is recommended to call in the services of a professional tree care company with access to cranes and bucket trucks. With this equipment, they will be able to remove the portions of the tree required without damaging anything around the tree and can lift the pieces of the removed tree over top of other structures to get them out of the way.

Circumstances Where A Crane and Bucket Truck Are Beneficial

  • The Tree Is in A Difficult to Reach Area

    When you have to remove branches from a tree, or occasionally the entire tree itself, the tree may be in a hard to access area. This can include between buildings, in landscaped areas, or close to other structures that can’t be disturbed. In circumstances like this, bucket trucks and cranes are effective at accessing and removing the needed portions of the tree where other methods would fail.

  • The Tree Poses A Threat to Your Property

    Older trees may become weaker due to age, disease, or weather. In Canada, the winters can be harsh with heavy snowfalls and persistent ice, and the summers bring high winds and strong storms. If portions of the weak tree overhang your home or other parts of your property, it is important to have them removed before they can cause damage. Cranes and bucket trucks can efficiently remove branches or trees before they cause any harm to yourself, other people, or anything you own.

  • The Tree Is Near Wires

    If the tree is near hydro or utility lines, it can be dangerous to attempt to remove portions of it by yourself. Touching the wires yourself is dangerous, and accidentally causing parts of the tree to land on the wire could cause considerable damage and be quite costly. For circumstances like this, it is best to contact the professionals who have access to the correct equipment to reach the tree safely.

Crane and Bucket Truck

  • You Are Unsure How to Safely Remove It Yourself

    When you are not sure how to go about removing the tree or its branches yourself, it is best to call a professional. Removing large branches, portions of the tree from high up, heavy sections, or entire trees can be dangerous. You could injure yourself or cause the cut piece to land in an unintended area and damage your property or the surrounding structures. When in doubt, it is advised to contact the professionals who are well skilled with tree and branch removal and leave it to those with experience.

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