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8 Common Tree Trimming Accidents to Be Aware Of

Proper maintenance, including regular tree trimming and pruning, can help maintain the health and appearance of the trees on your property. They may also need to be cut if they get infected by pests, diseases, or are dying. These tasks require the assistance of professionals. Otherwise, you may end up in dangerous situations if you do not know the right ways to handle them. Without the knowledge, skills, and expertise, tree and hedge trimming and shrub care can often lead to injuries.

Risks Associated with Tree Trimming and Shrub Care

  • Cuts and Scrapes

    Cuts are the most common types of injuries when trimming a tree. Incorrect use of tools and equipment such as pruners, chainsaws, or hacksaws can cause cuts. This is why know-how is essential when it comes to tree and shrub care. Also, scrapes are typically caused when your skin comes in contact with the tree bark. Splinters of wood and dust particles may get into the wound, causing infection.

  • Falls

    Working at heights can be quite risky, which is why falls are quite common when it comes to tree cutting accidents. Falling off the ladder, roof, or a tree when accessing hard-to-reach limbs without appropriate harnessing is a potential risk that you need to keep in mind.

  • Electrocution

    The chances of electrocution increases when trimming a tree or shrub planted near power lines. You may accidentally touch or step on the wires, or a falling branch could knock the cables down, increasing the chances of severe injuries.

  • Being Struck

    Being hit by a falling object such as a branch or limb is a danger that most people do not consider when it comes to tree trimming. You also have the risk of such objects falling on a person standing below you.

  • Eye Injury

    Hedge trimming and shrub care and cutting the branches or trunk of a tree can make sawdust and wood particles airborne. They can get into your eyes and cause eye infections and corneal abrasion. Also, dust and wood chips flying out of the equipment when you dispose of the tree stump or branches can hurt your eyes if you are not careful.

  • Bites and Stings

    Trees are often home to many insects and animals, which, when disturbed by cutting off branches, may attack you. Squirrels, raccoons, and other pests living in the tree may bite. Also, bees, wasps, and ants may sting if you are not cautious.

  • Impact Injury

    These types of injury typically occur in the case of equipment failures such as breaking of a climbing rope, malfunctioning of the bucket truck, and more.

  • Poisoning

    Plants such as poison oak and poison ivy that grow up a tree are often difficult to identify. Exposure to them may cause blisters, infections and allergic reactions.

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