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Guide to Prepare for Emergency Tree Removal Appointment

If you have one or multiple trees in your yard, staying proactive for tree removals is essential. Depending on whether your tree is dying or about to fall, you may require an emergency tree removal service.

Many property owners might think the process will disrupt their daily routine. However, professional services such as DreamWorks Trees Services work quickly and effectively to ensure the operation is accomplished without hassle.

Consider this article to help you understand everything about an emergency tree removal appointment and how you can make the process as smooth and clean as possible.

Why You Might Need an Emergency Tree Removal

Unfortunately, a tree in your yard may reach poor condition without notice, and you may need to call for tree removal immediately. The common causes for such a situation are natural conditions, including

  • Weather damage
  • Diseases
  • Weak branches or roots that threaten your’s or neighbour’s property
  • Broken branches
  • Leaning trees that may collapse at any time

These signs indicate that your tree is dying or could cause damage to its surroundings. So it is best to call an emergency tree removal service to deal with the situation safely.

Steps to Prepare for an Emergency Tree Removal Appointment

Reserve Space for Parking

A tree removal service will need adequate parking spots for their equipment and crew. So, you need to reserve some space for them. Typically, a professional arborist will inform you about the space they need during the agreement. They will need space for parking and transport. Before your appointment, it helps to determine the specific space depending on your property. You can make your way easily if you have a big front yard. But if you live in a crowded urban area with shared parking, you might have to coordinate with your neighbours.

Evacuate Your Yard

Removing personal property from your yard should be your priority before calling the tree removal team. It may include any movable structure, outdoor furniture, removable plants, decorations or anything else that can be moved. This will create more space to complete the removal task and protect your belongings from any damage.

Keep Your Yard Clean

If you are calling an emergency tree removal team on your residential property, it is essential to keep your yard clean from any waste, including animal waste, that can make an arborist’s job much harder. A clean yard allows the crew to move easily without any safety issues.

Be Prepared for Power Interruption

Tree removals may interfere with your phone or internet lines, so you should be prepared, especially for a commercial property where this can disrupt your work. Consider calling your service provider to ensure the power lines are back to normal immediately after the task.

Inform Your Neighbours

You should know that tree removals are noisy and can occupy a lot of space. So, it is crucial to inform your neighbours before calling the professionals.

What Should You Know About a Tree Removal Appointment?

The process involved in a tree removal task may vary depending on the arborists. However, the main focus will be to do the job with caution. Commonly, a professional tree removal service will include the following:

  • Inspection of the tree to decide the best way to remove
  • Developing a plan of action
  • Preparing the worksite (This is where you must ensure your yard is ready so the crew can start the work immediately).
  • Getting the equipment ready
  • Taking the necessary safety precautions
  • Beginning with the removal, considering the tree’s and property’s circumstances

Avoid Getting Too Close During the Emergency Tree Removal

Tree removal may become dangerous, especially when the roots are deep. In such situations, the tree may roll and cause personal injury. So, avoid standing too close to the worksite and keep passersby away. It is wise to block the area to ensure the safety of pedestrians. If a tree is leaning on a power line, you must call 911 immediately and inform your local service provider.

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What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Commercial PropertyHas one of your trees collapsed, damaged your property, or is about to fall? DreamWorks Trees Services is here to help you with the emergency through fast response, affordable prices, and top-notch service.

We are a fully insured company backed by state-of-the-art equipment, expertly trained arborists and seasoned tree care professionals who use the safest practices for tree removal to protect you and your property.

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