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Stump Removal vs Stump Grinding

When you want to get rid of stumps on your property, you will want to choose the best between stump grinding and stump removal. Each technique has its pros and cons. This article will discuss it in detail and help you understand which option is right for you and your property.

Pros of Tree Stump Grinding

Takes Less Time

Stump grinding is done using special saws that shred it into sawdust or wood chips. The equipment can grind the stump up to 12 inches below ground level, which leaves behind a hole you can fill with dirt. This task takes half an hour to two hours which is much faster than removing the entire stump. It also leaves behind a heap of sawdust or chips you can repurpose around your yard.

Requires Minimal Filling

A tree stump grinder will create no hole or a small hole you can fill easily compared to stump removal, where you will have a huge hole left behind. It can be time-consuming to fill this hole, so you should reconsider the option.

Costs You Less

Cost can be a primary factor when deciding between stump removal and stump grinding. Removing a stump is a lengthy and time-consuming process that requires heavy machinery and equipment. So, many property owners choose to grind as a cheaper option.

Cons of Stump Grinding

Leaves Behind Mess

Stump grinding leaves behind bits of wood on your property which can take time to clean up. This is unlike the removal process that uses chemicals to dissolve it entirely or uproots the entire stump intact.

Results in Sprouting

Grinding does not remove the root system underground, so sprouting is possible. New shoots may grow in the place or nearby the area of the stump. It may not be a problem for some property owners, but the fresh sprouts can become a hassle if you don’t plan to have green life in that area.

Causes Root Decay

As a natural process of a tree’s life cycle, the roots will eventually decompose and nourish the surrounding ecosystem. You may want to reconsider stump grinding over stump removal if you do not want to deal with the decomposing matter that can attract bugs, fungi, and microorganisms.

Pros of Stump Removal

Uprooting the entire stump can be a great option when you want to get rid of the unappealing sight. You can use a hydraulic jack to pull out the stump, burn it, or use chemicals to break it down.

Allows Replanting

Removing the stump eliminates the roots and leaves behind a huge hole. You can fill up this hole with rich soil and grow a new tree in the place. This is the best option if you are planning to replant.

Eliminates Everything

Removal helps you clear out the stump along with the roots present several inches below the ground. You should use this option if you want to install a structure in your yard, as stump grinding will not remove the root system, which can cause problems.

Reduces Complications

With stump removal, you are eliminating the risk of root rot or sprouting, unlike the grinding process. This can help you whether you want to replant or build a structure in the future.

Cons of Stump Removal

Takes More Time

Pulling out a stump using a hydraulic jack or machine takes more time than grinding or dissolving it using chemicals. If your main goal is to complete the job as soon as possible, stump removal may not be the right choice.

Calls for Extra Work

The removal process requires extra effort to fill in the large hole and hauling a huge stump away from the site while grinding needs a yard cleanup. To choose between stump removal and stump grinding, consider what will likely be suitable for you.

Requires Bigger Investment

Stump removal requires you to invest in resources and energy. The root system of a tree is more than a third of the tree’s total biomass. So, removing even a half-inch root can demand 450 pounds of force to pull it from the soil. An extensive root system of a big tree may require much more energy. Considering this, removal can be a more costly and laborious process than grinding.

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