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Guide to Tree Trimming in the Fall Season

Trimming provides multiple benefits to trees, from a beautiful and clean look to better performance. Naturally, trees can grow without trimming, but routine maintenance allows them to mature to their full potential and live longer lives.

The fall season is fast approaching. The best time to trim is when the trees go dormant and the leaves start falling. This guide can help you trim your trees effectively.

Types of Tree Trimming

Crown Lifting

The method involves the removal of lower branches to lift the visibility of the crown’s base. This aims at clearing the roads and removing the low branches that may become an obstacle to a property or structure. This type of trimming has a negative impact on mature trees because larger branches leave behind bigger wounds that take time to heal. So, as a professional tree trimming service, we recommend this for younger plants.

Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning a tree means trimming and removing the dying, dead, or diseased branches. Also known as dead trimming, it helps in enhancing the look of the tree and minimizes the risk of damage to your property due to a sudden fall. In addition, it also stops a disease from spreading to other parts of a tree.

Crown Reduction

This trimming technique reduces the height of a tree or the number of larger branches. Crown reduction is highly recommended for younger trees. The goal should be to eliminate the terminal branches to preserve the main limb. It is wise to hire a tree trimming service as this method needs to be done by an expert arborist who understands the tree growth pattern. When accomplished correctly, it enables healthy growth and reduces the risk of decay.

Crown Thinning

This type of tree trimming helps eliminate weak branches to allow more air and sun to penetrate the interior parts of a tree. It also releases the burden on larger branches by removing the defective branches. Ensure trimming unwanted branches throughout the crown, including the edges. And avoid drawing too many branches from the centre as it may ruin the structure of your tree.


This requires cutting down all the top branches of a tree and leaving behind the secondary branches of the primary stem. You should apply this method when your tree is young. However, it is a type of tree trimming that is continued regularly during a tree’s lifespan.

How Often Should Tree Trimming Be Done

DreamWorks Trees Services suggests trimming when trees are dormant. However, this may vary depending on the species of your tree.

In addition, you may need immediate tree trimming when:

  • The growth of the tree branches blocks the visibility of pedestrians or vehicles
  • The tree limbs are interfering with power lines. You must contact your local utility company to resolve the problem, as such situations can be dangerous.
  • Your tree branches are posing a risk to your home or commercial property. You should contact your local tree trimming service for help.

Why Should You Consider Tree Trimming in the Fall?

Enhances Visibility

As fall is the season when trees shed their leaves, you get an opportunity to check the weak, diseased branches that need to be removed. Branching patterns are easily visible in the fall, so arborists can perform structural pruning and make precise cuts.

Prevents & Controls Diseases

Tree trimming during the dormant season prevents and controls diseases and makes them less vulnerable to attack when the insect activity increases in summer.

Accelerates Healing

Pruning trees results in a wound which needs time to heal. When you trim a tree during the dormant phase, it goes through less stress and gets well-prepared for more substantial new growth in the spring.

Protects from Harsh Weather

When there is no dense foliage during the fall, arborists can quickly examine the trees and check if they can handle extreme weather. Eliminating weak branches improves your trees’ structural strength and makes them resistant to high winds and heavy snow.

Get the Best Professional Tree Trimming Service in Toronto

Guide to Tree Trimming in the Fall SeasonDreamWorks Tree Services offers complete tree care services from planting and tree trimming to removal. Our certified arborists are passionate about managing and maintaining trees around your property while ensuring customer satisfaction.

We take time to assess your tree’s health and provide a solution that is best for your landscape with a focus on the safety of your property and everyone involved.

With 11+ years of experience, we provide reliable tree trimming services in Toronto and the GTA throughout the year. If you would like a free residential or commercial property assessment, contact us at 647-924-2627 or fill out our contact form. We will be happy to connect you with one of our tree care professionals.

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