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What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Commercial Property

Trees fall over the end of their lifespan as a natural process. Sometimes, they may fall due to a deadly disease, extreme weather, or a natural disaster. Rot and decay are noticeable warning signs that your tree will fall in a short time. However, even a healthy-looking tree may collapse without giving you a signal due to dead and decomposing roots that affect its stabilization.

So, if you have a large tree on or near your property, it is important to understand the associated risks. As one of the expert commercial tree services in Toronto, we have compiled essential information on what to do when a tree falls on your property.

Fallen Trees May Turn into a Liability for Your Business

It May Damage Your Property

If a tree or its debris falls on any structure or vehicle on your property, it becomes a liability issue. It can cause significant damage to commercial vehicles, building elements, rooftops, or anything inside or outside your business premises. When a tree is damaged but not uprooted, it helps to call tree services in Toronto to either stabilize the tree or remove it if needed.

It May Cause Personal Injury

A tree can also be a potential risk to employees, customers, visitors or even a passerby. Often falling tree debris has injured people leading to costly medical expenses and liability issues. However, you can avoid such instances if you regularly inspect a tree and look after it all year round.

It May Disrupt Your Business Activities

Oftentimes, a tree fall can interrupt your daily business operations. It could cut off a utility line and cause power outages which may lead you to close your business for hours or even days. Tree debris can damage HVAC systems, water lines, and lighting systems or block the entrance or roadway.

Steps to Take When Your Tree Falls

Call Commercial Tree Services in Toronto

Call an insured and certified arborist to assess the situation. They are highly trained to deal with complex tree situations and are well-versed in standard tree removal practices to get the job done safely. In addition, insured tree service will also give you the peace of mind that you will not be held liable for any damage or injury when they are working on your property.

Involve Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company when a tree falls on your property and have them file the report for claim work. If you have property insurance, it will cover damages to your property due to fallen trees. They will also pay to remove the tree and the damage caused due to it.

Hire a Contractor

A fallen tree may cause structural damage to your building, such as a hole on the rooftop. It is crucial to fix the issue promptly, so you should hire a contractor to repair the damage. If the collapse has caused severe damage to your office building, which has become inoperable, take necessary measures to secure your premises until the problem is fixed.

What If the Tree Falls from Your Neighbour’s Property

If your neighbour’s tree falls due to a natural cause such as a storm your insurance company must pay for the damage.

What If My Tree Collapses on Neighbour’s Property

Their insurance company must pay for the damage when your tree falls on your neighbour’s property due to a natural cause.

However, if the tree was dying or dead and you were warned about it, you are liable for the damage to your neighbour’s property, and your insurance company has to pay for it.

We recommend checking with your insurance company on such issues as policies vary, and there may be clauses with different resolutions to such situations.

Take Proactive Measures to Prevent Your Trees from Falling

It is best to call a professional tree service in Toronto when your tree looks like a potential hazard. A certified arborist evaluates your tree and tells you immediately if the tree needs to be removed or treated. Regularly inspecting your landscape also ensures that your trees will withstand extreme weather and make you less liable for any considerable damage.

We Provide Reliable Emergency Tree Services in Toronto

What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Commercial PropertyDreamWorks Tree Services in Toronto offers 24/7 emergency tree removal and property cleanup services. Regardless of the extent of damage to your property, we will address the situation and any safety issues as soon as possible. We get the job done with minimal disruption to your business activities.

Here are some of the tree services we offer:

In addition, we can also assess your neighbouring trees for any potential damage due to extreme weather conditions after performing an emergency tree cleanup or removal on your property.

Whether you are looking for preventative tree care or treatment, contact DreamWorks Tree Service in Toronto at 647-924-2627 or fill out our form to consult a qualified arborist.

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