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7 Important Things to Consider Before Planting a Tree

Planting trees on your property is a great way to enhance the appeal, and also offers a variety of benefits such as preventing soil erosion, improving air quality, providing wind and snow break, and more. However, tree planting is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. You must consider many things to make sure your trees are free of any diseases and remain healthy. As a leading provider of tree planting services, we have listed a few pointers to help you.

Useful Tips for Tree Planting

  • Measure Your Space

    According to the professionals offering tree planting services, the first thing to do when planting is to read the tag on the tree or shrub to know how big it will grow. Then consider the total area available for tree planting and divide it appropriately for the new plants. Also, do not place them too close to your house, entryway or other trees. Keep in mind their mature size when planting and avoid overcrowding.

  • Find a Suitable Spot

    After measuring your space, it is crucial to choose a place for the tree you want to plant. Consider the sunlight intensity and shade when selecting a spot. Make sure the tree has enough room above and below the soil to grow well.

  • Get Rid of Weeds

    Weeds are like parasites that feed on your trees and plants and tend to grow better under intense sunlight. The best way to get rid of them is to mulch 1 to 2 inches around the tree, ensuring it is not touching the bark. If you notice any weeds on your property, be sure to remove them thoroughly before planting.

  • Examine the Soil Conditions

    Soil condition is a crucial aspect of tree planting. It helps to take a little time to check out the components and properties of the soil. It should have enough space for drainage and air circulation. Make sure the soil is fertile and has essential nutrients that can help the trees grow and stay healthy.

  • Consider Safety

    Planting trees too close to your house can cause not only structural damage but also allow easy access to potential pests. Also, be mindful of the safety aspects when planting new trees to avoid any hazards in case of a natural disaster.

  • Consider Your Neighbours and the View

    Trees that drop messy seed pods or berries are not the best choice near your neighbour’s driveway. Also, avoid planting a tree too close to your fence. Keep in mind the view outside your window when planting new trees because you may not want to obstruct your view by planting a tree if it’s already beautiful.

  • Know When to Plant a Tree

    The best time to plant new trees is during early spring or in the fall. This is because the temperature is right, and they won’t need water frequently. Also, it would be easier for you to maintain the tree. However, consider the type of tree and learn the best time of the year to plant it.

Why is Planting Trees Important?

Conserves Energy and Improves Efficiency

When a tree is planted in the correct place, it can reduce your home’s cooling and heating costs. Planting a deciduous tree on the south, southeast, or southwest of your house can provide a significant amount of shade and natural cooling in summer. During the winter, the tree will lose its leaves and allow sunlight to warm your house. You can also plant an evergreen tree to the north or northwest side to block cold winter winds. In this way, you can increase efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Enhances Aesthetics

Aesthetics is one of the most important factors to consider in planting trees. Every tree has unique characteristics, and when you plant them, considering their traits, it adds to the aesthetics of your property in different ways. If you want to plant a huge tree, an oak tree is a good option. If you want to plant a small and dense fruit tree, you can choose an apple tree. For a beautiful flowering tree that blooms year-round, you can grow a flowering cherry or a dogwood tree. It helps to hire a tree service, as they can recommend a combination of trees best suited to your property and requirements.’

Creates a Local Ecosystem

Planting trees significantly affects the local ecosystem. Some giant trees also become an independent ecosystem for the wildlife in the region. They serve as a habitat for various creatures, such as squirrels, birds, and reptiles. The tree roots also affect the ecosystem by holding the soil and preventing runoff and erosion. Depending on the size and species, a single tree may absorb 100 gallons of water until it reaches a saturation point after one to two inches of rainfall. This water then percolates through the soil and finds its way into local aquifers, thereby improving regional water quality.

Increases Privacy and Protection

Avoid blocking the entry points of your home or property when planting trees. A large tree or plant near the entrance can be unwelcoming for visitors as it can imply an unwanted entry. Trees such as evergreens are a great option to increase privacy and protection. However, you must select the appropriate location to ensure maximum benefits.

Plant for Yourself

Trees are known to have many positive mental and physical health benefits. Research shows that looking at a tree for a few minutes can reduce blood pressure and muscle tension, relieve stress and improve mood. It also helps to improve air quality around your home. So, when planning to plant a tree, ensure you choose a location, such as outside your window, where you can see it.

Plant for the Future

Planting trees contributes to improving the environment on earth to a great extent. So, when growing them, remember that you are accomplishing a task that future generations will cherish. Consider planting trees that live for decades to benefit you and your children. This is one of the easiest things you could do to contribute to mother nature and humanity.

Hire Professionals for Tree Planting in Toronto

At DreamWorks Tree Services, we have qualified experts and arborists to offer tree planting services. We provide comprehensive tree care services to ensure maximum return. We will inspect the area, understand your needs, and offer the best solutions.

Whether you want to plant trees on your property or for commercial development, our specialists can help you. Call us at 647-793-8903 or toll-free 1-800-407-9917 to learn more about our tree planting services in Toronto.

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