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Tree Care Guide: How to Speed Up Root Growth

A strong root system is essential for healthy growth as it supplies nutrients and water to all tree parts. It also supports the tree by anchoring it to the ground and maintaining its alignment. Root growth is one of the first steps in complete tree care.

As an expert tree care service in Toronto, we share valuable details about promoting a stronger root system in trees and plants and speeding up their growth.

Tips to Promote Root Growth for Comprehensive Tree Care

Utilize a Root Trainer

A root trainer is a container mounted in a stand above ground to promote a deep root system that grows downward instead of sideways. When the tap root emerges and is dried up by air, it causes air pruning which encourages vigorous growth. Use trainers at the seedling stage to help plants grow a stronger root system.

Replace the Pot

If your plants grow larger, you may have to repot them into a bigger container to allow the roots more room to grow. If you can see the roots from the drainage holes, it is time to move the plant into a larger pot. Gently remove the plant from the old container without damaging the roots and put it into a new one with a layer of soil in the pot. Now, put more soil until the new container is filled without covering up the entire plant stem. Later, you can move the plant to your yard.

Loosen the Soil

You must loosen up the soil for your plants to allow adequate oxygen to penetrate the soil for healthy growth. Loose and aerated soil will give you a stronger and more vigorous tree. Ensure you loosen the dirt before transplanting seedlings into the ground.

Practice Deep, Infrequent Watering

Once you have transplanted the new plant in your garden, you should focus on proper watering. Make sure not to add too much water as that can cause root rot and clog the space for oxygen, leading to a weak root system. It is best to provide deep watering occasionally to promote a strong and healthy root system.

Provide Proper Nutrition

Your tree care routine must also include providing proper nutrition to your plants. Start by testing the soil and finding out the pH and nutrient levels. If the soil is too acidic, you can add lime to balance the pH, and if it is too basic, you can add elemental sulphur. If the soil test indicates a deficiency of any nutrients, you can add fertilizer to provide NPK or organic compost as a better option.

Fertilizer Ratio that Stimulates Root Growth

It is crucial to check the NPK ratio on the package when choosing a fertilizer.

  • 10-10-10 indicates 10% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus, and 10% potassium by weight
  • 10-20-10 indicates 10% nitrogen, 20% phosphorous, and 10% potassium by weight

Inadequate or excess quantities of NPK can cause severe issues in your plants. It helps to consult an expert arborist in Toronto who can provide the perfect solution after inspecting your soil and plant.

Does Nitrogen Promote Root Growth?

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plant growth. However, excess of it can burn the roots. Ensure to choose a fertilizer with a balanced amount of nitrogen. If you are hiring a professional tree care service, they can recommend the best option and amount you should use for strong and healthy growth.

Additional Tree Care Tips for Root Development

Natural Resources

Natural phosphorus and potassium sources are the best solution as they release the nutrients slowly through several weeks without causing an overdose. You can use bone meal and rock phosphate for phosphorus and kelp, granite meal, greensand and wood ashes for potassium.

Application Technique

To promote root development without forcing flowering and fruiting, you must apply phosphorus and potassium before planting the tree. Ensure the fertilizer goes several inches into the soil to benefit the developing roots.

Root Hormones

Plant hormones called auxins are root stimulators that encourage faster lateral root development. Avoid using them for seedlings, as they need less lateral root development and more primary root growth. You can get the best benefits of root hormones by consulting tree care experts.

Other Factors that Encourage Root Growth

Soil Amendment

Amending the soil is helpful, especially when your yard has poor soil. The process improves water retention, aeration, and structure. It is crucial to identify the soil type before making any changes, such as adding compost, inorganic matter or fibrous matter.


Overwatering and underwatering hinders root growth. So it is best to create a chart that reminds you of how much water each of your plants or trees requires for healthy development. Consider the seasons when preparing the chart, as you won’t need much watering in the rain.


Temperature plays an essential role in promoting root growth. You can control it when growing plants indoors. You can use a timer to set daytime and nighttime temperatures. However, you will have little control when growing plants outdoors. Many factors determine the ideal temperature for healthy root growth, so it helps to hire a tree care service.


When growing specific plants indoors, you need to give them ample sunlight and energy for healthy growth. So, you should invest in high-quality lighting bulbs that produce energy that is beneficial for plants. Consider exposing the plants to light for up to 16 hours a day. When it comes to growing outdoors, it is crucial to determine the correct location where they can receive the right amount of sunlight. Consider calling a professional arborist or tree care expert in Toronto when planting new seedlings.

Tree Care & Management

Tree care begins before planting the seedlings. This is a proven way to have a healthy green landscape in your yard. However, you will also want to regularly check your plants so that you can make any necessary adjustments before a poor soil environment affects your roots.

Here is what you should monitor:

  • Water solution’s pH levels
  • Adequate lighting
  • Adequate temperature
  • Potential root diseases
  • Balanced amount of watering
  • Pests and insects

Hire Tree Care Experts in Toronto, Canada to Achieve the Best Results

Tree Care Guide: How to Speed Up Root GrowthDreamWorks Trees Services offers extensive tree care services for residential and commercial properties in Toronto and surrounding regions. Regardless of what type of tree you need to plant, our expert arborists can help you. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Best time to plant
  • Correct location to plant
  • Determining the right size of the plant
  • Accurate soil analysis and solutions
  • Selecting the best species that suit your property

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