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Busting 6 Common Myths about Tree Removal

A tree that seems healthy to an untrained eye may have an underlying disease, infestation, or be close to the end of its life. When tree care practices such as trimming, pruning, structural reinforcement, or disease mitigation no longer help preserve a tree’s health, removal is the best option. In such cases, tree removal protects other trees and people on the property. However, several widespread myths about tree removal prevent homeowners from hiring tree care contractors for this service, often increasing the chances of property damage and spreading infections. If you have a diseased or decaying tree that is beyond repair and want to hire a tree removal company to get rid of, read on to learn more. You can clear the doubts that often arise due to common misconceptions and make an informed decision.

6 Widespread Misconceptions about Tree Removal

You Should Only Remove Trees If They are Dead.

Homeowners are often against removing trees from their property because they are a good source of shade. Moreover, they also help reduce energy costs if they are strategically planted. However, if your tree is infected, too old, or has many weak or broken branches, you should consider removing it. It is wise to be proactive in such situations and hire a tree removal company to get rid of the tree entirely. Doing so will prevent the spreading of diseases and property damage due to trees that are a potential hazard.

Tree Removal Does Not Have Any Long-Term Side Effects.

In addition to the aesthetic or cosmetic effects of removing an infected, diseased, or aging tree, you may have to manage a few long-term impacts. This includes increased soil erosion, loss of shade, and more. Working with a qualified arborist for tree care and removal services is the best way to reduce the possible damages caused by completely removing a tree.

It is Harmless to Leave the Stump After Cutting Down a Tree.

Most homeowners often leave the tree stumps without getting rid of them entirely because some companies may charge an additional fee for this service. However, this may affect the nearby trees because the decaying stump may become a breeding ground for ants, termites, various insects, and pests. It helps to discuss the total cost of tree removal with your contractor so you know what to expect and prepare accordingly.

Removing a Tree Always Requires Harmful Chemicals.

It is beneficial to know that in addition to burning down the stump or using chemicals to dissolve the remaining wood after cutting a tree, companies also stump grinders. It is a piece of equipment used by tree care experts to grind the leftover portion of a tree by chipping away the wood entirely from the ground. This method of tree removal does not need any chemicals and is a more efficient way of removing a tree.

Tree Removal Will Leave a Big Hole in the Yard.

Removing a tree stump will create a hole in the ground, but your tree care company will fill it before finishing the project. They often use the sawdust from the tree removal process to refill the hole and top it with topsoil or dirt to reduce the chances of mishaps. The mound will settle and gradually merge seamlessly with the rest of the lawn.

Tree Removal is an Expensive Service.

Property owners often assume that removing a tree with its stump must be expensive because of specialized tools and equipment and labour charges. However, reliable tree care companies offer affordable services without the risk of any hidden costs. You can discuss the price aspect with your contractor and get an estimate for the job so that you know what the task involves and how much to budget for it. Moreover, this is a better option in the long run and helps avoid dealing with many infected trees or damaged property.

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