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How to Protect Your Property from Falling Trees & Branches

Trees serve as an element of beauty and interest on your property. They provide cooling shade in summer and stop cold winds in winter. They also give you privacy and add value to your property. However, harsh weather conditions, age, and disease can make them a threat to your possessions.

As an experienced tree removal expert, DreamWorks Trees recommends taking proactive measures to avoid facing hassles associated with vulnerable trees. Here are a few essential tips that can help you manage hazardous trees effectively.

8 Effective Tips to Manage Hazardous Trees

Get Ready for the Season

Before extreme weather conditions such as storms, consider calling an arborist to assess your trees. They can identify any problem areas and provide preventive measures to protect your trees from high winds or storms. The cost of hiring an arborist can save you from big trouble.

Inspect After Storms

After heavy snow, a storm, or strong winds, check for broken or bent branches and debris in the trees. If you see a small, damaged branch, you can try removing it yourself if you feel confident. Avoid removing large branches on your own, as it is best to hire a tree removal service.

Size Up Large Branches

Long branches hanging over your roof may become a risk. A qualified arborist can help you figure out if there is a looming danger. They can provide solutions to reduce the length of the branch or install cables for support.

Keep Track of Your Trees’ Health

Check your trees for disease or infestation. An abundance of crawling or flying insects, mould, and critters chewing on the leaves are some of the symptoms you should look for. Problems such as damage to the root system are not visible to an untrained eye, so consult an arborist to examine your trees at least once a year.

Plant Strategically

When you intend to plant a tree, create an informed strategy to avoid facing problems in the future. Consider the maximum size and height the tree will attain at maturity and plant it at a suitable distance from your home. It will protect your house from falling trees or branches and keep mildew and critters away from your roof. In addition, it will also prevent the trees’ root system from damaging the foundation of your home.

Consider Necessary Tree Removals

Sometimes, you may have a large or difficult tree on your property that you have been ignoring. If you have such a tree, you should have a tree removal service take it down to increase the safety of your property.

Maintain Desirable Trees Properly

Regular pruning is essential to maintain the strength of a tree. Prune each desirable tree evenly to ensure good wind resistance on all sides. You should remove branches that grow up near the trunk. Having only the primary trunk provides a much stronger configuration. In addition, it is important to avoid overwatering and overfertilization. It makes sure that every part of the tree grows properly.

Call Emergency Tree Removal Service for Assistance

If you have a tree damaged by a storm, call a professional emergency tree removal company to solve the problem immediately. They will send a team of tree experts, including licenced arborists, to investigate the situation. It is imperative to call these professionals because:

  • They inspect the tree from the inside out for any damage or disease that may go unnoticed by an inexperienced eye.
  • Arborists use special tools and equipment for tree removal when there is no other way to save it.
  • Certified arborists have years of experience and knowledge in dealing with a large complex tree that needs certification and insurance.

Is It Possible to Re-Adjust a Newly Leaning Tree?

You can fix leaning trees if they are young or have suddenly taken a bent path. Although arborists believe that trees grow best without a stake, you may need one in such cases.

Call the Experts for Tree Removal & Other Services

How to Protect Your Property from Falling Trees & BranchesA tree that was an asset for a long time may become a liability. If you have such a tree on your property, reach out to DreamWorks Trees tree removal services. We carry out a thorough tree risk assessment to uncover any potential problem. If your tree is damaged beyond repair, we follow a legal procedure to get the job done, which includes:

  • Free estimate on a dead, fallen, or alive trees
  • Safe and efficient tree/branch removal by certified arborists
  • Affordable service rates for your residential or commercial property
  • Expert knowledge of municipality-specific bylaws and permits.

For more information on stump or tree removal, tree care, pruning, or other services, call us at 647-924-2627 or fill out our contact form for a free quote.

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